Wednesday, June 18, 2008

E2 results

Well my E2 yesterday was 2,655. Not as high as I hoped but still higher then it's ever been. My guess is we will have 12-13 mature eggs out of the 16 follies. My E2 could continue to rise but my past IVF's have shown that the last E2 draw always seems to indicate how many mature eggs I get. IVF #4 & 5 my E2 was around 1,500 before trigger and we had 8 and 9 mature eggs retrieved.

ER is Friday at 9:30 AM. I'm just ready to get this over with.


Anonymous said...

Amy, I agree with you. The higher the e2 on trigger day, the better quality the eggs are. My e2 doubled in my 2nd IVF (2514) than the 1st (1213) and I got double the number of mature/fertilized eggs too.

My e2 was similar to yours on trigger day. But I achieve this by only 7 and half days stim while yous is 10 days stim. I wonder if my e2 went up too fast.

Anyway, for both my cycles, I got slow growing 4-cell embryos and had day 3 transfer (4 transferred this cycle). I am perplexed by why they stopped growing on day 3 even when my e2 went up this time. The doc only want to transfer 3 of them, but i insisted all 4 be transferred given the poor quality of the embryos. I am in the 2 week waiting period. Don't have any symptons. Will find out 6/27.

Wish you good luck on ER.

Jennifer said...

Good luck today at ER! I'm anxious to hear how it all went...fill us in when you can...and, of course, get some R&R!