Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To late

So CNY put up their embryo's while I was at work. I've been waiting a few month's for them to put them up so I was anxious. There were 2 profiles. I quickly scanned them since I shouldn't be doing it at work and emailed her with my choice. That was around 11:30. She emailed me back and let me know that the profile I picked only had 1 embryo. OOPS. So I re read the profiles and decided not only did the other one have 3 but I liked the profile better. Unfortunately it was taken at noon. So we decided that paying $3,000 and traveling to NY for one embryo was not ideal. There were more in the batch that someone else had used. She transfered 3 and got pregnant with triplets then reduced to one. I wish she hadn't told me that cause I'll admit I got upset. If you didn't want to risk more then 1 baby then only transfer 1 at a time.

So I listed a profile on miracles waiting and we are currently waiting for a match. I found a profile I LOVE but it's expired so the woman who manages miracles waiting is emailing them for me. Hopefully they are still avaialble but so far I haven't heard anything yet.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog Amy! I am writing from Sweden in Europe and was trying to find some info about empty follicles. Thank you so much, now I know more after I found your blog! We are still trying with IUI:s, have made 3 but no luck. Hopefully in Jan-Feb we get on with our first IVF. I am 37 so I feel we don't have that much time left...I have read your amazing story, hopefully it willl work out for you soon!! Sending some good luck dust over to you!