Saturday, March 26, 2011

Donor Embryo FET #1

My husband and I as well as the donating couple I mentioned in my last post decided to move forward with the donation! I was shocked that our donors husband was ready to donate. I thought for sure he would want to wait. We all decided we are going to have an open donation so I talk to the wife often. Everything moved incredibly fast.

The embryo's are stored at SDFC (San Diego Fertility Center) and since their FET rates are top in the us for donor egg (the embryo's were created with an egg donor) we decided it was in our best interest to go there. Dr. Hummel said due to my past I didn't need any testing. YAY!

Our embryo transfer was 3/2. We transfered 2 perfect day 5 blasts. They were rated top quality!! 80% and 70% re expanded. My lining was fantastic (at least 12mm) so the doctor gave me an 85% chance of pregnancy. We found out a few weeks ago that our FET didn't work. We were crushed. We thought for sure this would work first try. I mean everything seemed perfect. So we have 7 more frozen embryo's waiting for us. In the mean time I'm getting an hysteroscopy done as well as testing for integrin B and will have the "endometrial scratch" or other times called "endometrial injury" the cycle prior to our FET. Supposedly it helps your lining "fix" itself and increases pregnancy rates. It doesn't hurt chances so we figured why not try it. We are un certain as to when we want to go back and do our second FET. I want to go back in June or July but I don't think my husband is ready. So we will wait. But the wait is torture.

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