Saturday, December 3, 2011

feeling better

I've slowly started to feel better. I remember being at work one day and feeling just an ounce of hope and happiness. It came slowly at and there. I'm still sad over the loss but I'm able to be "me" again and not feel angry over the loss. I would, however be around 20 weeks and would have found out the gender this month so it's been a little hard but I'm grateful that I'm able to be "me" again. I haven't been able to be "me" in quite a few years.

We still have 4 embryo's frozen and will go back when we both feel ready. Right now I'm enjoying my time with my husband and our new home! We bought a single family home a few weeks ago and have been super busy the past few month's getting ready for the move. We still own our duplex. It's a lot of work having 2 homes. The duplex needs a bit of work still but once it's done we will have a lot more time on our hands.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and struggles. Others who don't know what it's like to struggle with infertility don't have a clue as to how overwhelming and exhausting everything is. Every month is precious. When pregnancy doesn't happen, it's disheartening and evokes panic within us. Oftentimes it can breed resentment towards our husbands for not being there as much as we need them to be. Infertility is a private, internal struggle for many of us, one that we don't share openly.

I know infertility causes us to feel incredibly defeated. Don't know what God's purpose really is in why infertility happens to individuals who would make such awesome and loving parents. But I trust that in God's timing and with the help of all the resources out there, our prayers will be answered. One day.

Thank you for your blog. I find it encouraging and inspirational. I hope 2012 will bring you incredible blessings.

Faye Stone said...

Hello Amy,I was flicking past the blogs after mine & I came accross your blog. My heart goes out to you & I pray that you will one day know the sound of the patter of little feet.
I was adopted as a baby & I could not have had a better life, I was wanted so much that my parents had to wait 18 months before a baby became available ( & that was in 1948)They had 2 sons of their own after adopting me but the love shown never differed between us. I found it easy to have children but I have known parents who couldn't & I know how you feel. I pray that 2012 will be the year of you having a baby! God bless you both

Yang Brand said...

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