Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I have a new blog! Lots and lots of updates!

I have tried so hard to maintain this blog over the past several years but found it hard. I originally started this blog at the request of my therapist. She said that I needed to start writing down my feelings to help me deal with the grief. So I decided to make a blog vs a private journal.

rather then write a huge post with my updates I will be linking you another blog. It's my "family blog". The blog where i don't just complain about infertility but post about lifes happy moments.

Oddly enough, in the past I have had people leave very mean comments on this blog about how negative I am. The whole point of this blog was to write about my grief/infertility. It doesn't mean all I do is complain!

that said I'm grateful for the few friends I have met through this blog (even if we haven't spoken in a really long time)

So while I may try to update this blog now and then I"m way more active on my other blog. Some of the posts are private and others are password protected. The only one's that are public are the posts I make about family trips. Posts where I'm "journaling" are either private or password protected. You'd have to contact me if you want a pass word to a post.

Trust me, these updates are worth reading!!!!


ON this blog I didn't need passwords or privacy because no one knew who I was. On my other blog people do so I feel it's best to make some of my posts private. (you know, ones where I need to complain or talk about stuff that other people shouldn't know)

My husband is a super super private person so I try to be careful what I share publicly.