Saturday, November 22, 2008

more issues

Here is a post from my open diary account. I don't feel like re writing it. I've edited it a tiny bit but not much.

On top of the MTHFR I found out I have 2 other immunological issues.

Onee is my NK cells (natural killer cells) are elevated...that's bad. That means my body is attacking the embryo's. Now my level was a 9.6 the RE's at SIRM think a level of 10 is bad and thus my level of 9.6 is elevated and not good.

The next issue is DQ-Alpha protein. There are about 20-30 of these genes you can get. You get 1 from each parent. I got 1.1 and 1.3. Jon got 1.1 and 1.1. We have 1.1 in common which is bad. Basically when make a baby we have a very high chance that our baby will be a 1.1 (jon automatically gives our baby a 1.1 in the begining-till the baby later starts to get more DNA of it's own). Since I'm a 1.1 too my body see's this as "my own" and doesn't recognize it as an embryo. Thus when the embryo gets into the uterus my natural killer cells start to attack the embryo. If the embryo does implant it may not grow for very long. My body will attack the baby and kill it off.

Here is what one of the RE's at SIRM said about NK cells and the DQ Alpha protein match

Natural Killer (NK) Cells
After ovulation and during early pregnancy, NK cells comprise more than 70% of the white blood cell population seen in the uterine lining. NK cells produce a variety of local hormones known as TH-1 cytokines. Uncontrolled, excessive release of TH-1 cytokines is highly toxic to the trophoblast and endometrial cells, leading to their programmed death (apoptosis) and, subsequently to failed implantation. In the following situations these NK cells can become abnormally activated, and thereby produce these TH-1 cytokines:

*When both male and female share specific DNA (DQ-alpha) similarities. In such cases, the presenting problem is usually recurrent pregnancy loss, rather than “infertility”.

-Now I've never been pregnant...that I know of...I mean I've never had a positive pregnancy test. Now that's not to say the NK cells aren't attacking the embryo. However we do suspect egg quality on top of this so maybe a combination of these three plus the MTHFR is making it almost impossible for me to get pregnant. now keep in mind that quote is from 2006 so the date is kind of out dated. SIRM keeps up to date on their testing . None-the less I do appear to have an egg quality issue.

Now some doctors don't buy into the whole protien match and think it's utter crap. I for one dont' believe that egg quality is our ONLY issue so i'm a firm believer that these 3 issues combined with my egg quality is keeping us from getting pregnant. Their is a new easier way to fix this. They used to (and still do) use IVIg which is VERY expensive and invasive from what I've heard. (click on the link to learn more on what it is)

Recent studies have shown that INtralipid has been just as if not more effective than IVIg and is less expensive and less invasive. he even said he could probably find a nurse to come to my home and do it there instead of me traveling to NY.

The RE I spoke to said the treatment for this is Intralipid infusions. It's $200 (not covered by insurance). I'd have to get it done before we do IVF and then again once a month if I get pregnant...although I believe it's only for the first trimester but I'm not 100% sure.

Anyhow, we don't want to cycle again any time soon so that's not really up for discussion right now. If we do cycle it will be summer of 2009 but I was honest with the RE and said I was sick of using my vacation and sick time and if I went there I'd try to make it into a vacation. He agreed that mental health was top priority. They are in NYC so he promised he'd find fun things for me to do LOL.

For now we are focusing on our adoption. Honestly I'm sick of focusing on babies. I'm focusing on living life. that's what I'm focusing on. I MIGHT do another IVF with them. I'd like to give them a shot. But probably not till late 2009. We changed ins companies but I've been told the coverage is the same...we shall see. So yeah, for now I focus on living life again and enjoying having 2 incomes and saving lots of money each month so we can pay off student loans and our car. My student loans and our tenants bathroom should all be done by the end of 2008. The car should be paid off by early to mid summer 2009...Maybe sooner. YAY! We knew when we got it that we wouldn't have the loan for long. We had a few things we had to fix around the house thath as set us back but it will be paid off soon none-the less.

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Knock Me Up said...

I have been working with Dr. T at SIRM and am now pg after my 6th IVF. I also have some of the same issues as you -- mostly considered borderline. It was enough for me to do the intralipi.d infusion, love.nox injections, de.xamethasone steriod. I'm now 10 weeks pg in what I think is my first pg. However, some dr.s before have said I suffered from recurrent early miscarriage. I'm also 42 and definitely had an egg quality issue. I have to do the intrali.pids infusion monthly through the 5th month. If you decide to try again I would highly recommend SIRM. The personal service, the kind nurses and the interactions with Dr. T have been superb. Best of luck and never fear there is tons of totally cool stuff to make NYC a great vacation if you decide to go that route.