Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hemetologist & stuff

Well I made an appointment for a hemetologist for mid January. That's the earliest I could get in, which is fine cause I have new insurance as of January anyway. The office I called is in the town I work and they have 2 doctors. The receptionist asked if I had a preference as to which doctor I saw. I said "well I'm going to be honest with you, it took 3 1/2 years of crap to find out I have this disorder so I'd like to see someone that will listen to me and someone that will treat my disorder regardless of how 'minor' my disorder is". She said "sounds like Dr. Paul will be a good match for you. I have to be honest. I did get a hair emotional when I was talking to her but how can I not get emotional? I had been asking for this testing for 2 1/2 years and it took begging and 4 doctors before I finally got it done. I mean I'm glad I got answers and I have to admit my gut was right all along. I just knew deep down inside I had immunological issues. I also had a bit of an incling that there was a tad bit of an egg quality issue there but I didn't think it was THE only issue...I mean woman get pregnant in their late 30's early 40's all the time and clearly their eggs are getting on the older side (no offence ladies).

Anyhow, we'll see what this doctor has to say. I'm waiting for my blood work results to be emailed or mailed to me then I'll fax them over to the hemetologists office so he can review them before my appointment.

Oh and she asked what my disorder was and I said "MTHFR" she paused. I said "I could give you the whole name but it's long and obnoxious"...."and it's not what it sounds like" she got a chuckle out of that.

anyhow, for now the doctor in NY told me to start on baby asprin daily in order to help with any possible clotting issues the MTHFR might cause (as well as the other issues I have) Baby asprin is something I'll be on daily for the rest of my life now. Which is fine cause he says it's good for your heart.

ok back to work I go.

not much on the adoption front. have to finish the birth mother letter so our home study can be approved. Don't even get me started on the agency. We should be approved by early December. So hopefully for Christmas we will be officially waiting for a match. However my goal was to be officialy waiting by the end of December. I've upped that goal to Christmas. :)

This Sunday my husband and I left church early cause we weren't feeling well. I had a borderline migraine and I was in bed. My brother in law and his wife had invited a couple that we go to church with over for dinner. It took me by surprise cause I had no idea they had invited people over. We would have eaten with them but my husband and I weren't feeling well so I politely declined and went to bed. not to mention we were eating dinner at my in laws 2 hours later so I decided to skip lunch all together.

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Anonymous said...

Amy. I am at work and I have been try to read your entire blog but I am at work. I would really love to talk to you more. I just had my 9th failed IVF at FCNE w/ Dr Hill and just had my f/u appt with his yesterday about egg quality and he wants to check me for endo....forget the name you said.
I couldn't find your email on your blog so hopefully you will read this. Can you please email @ kdube@andoverurology.com