Friday, June 29, 2007

One year older

Well today I didn't get much done and it felt good. I took the day off from work and didn't get out of my PJ's until 3pm! I did however find time to do some dishes and a load of laundry but that was it. Tomorrow I'll have to do some more light house cleaning (vacuuming, sweeping etc). It was nice to have an extra day off.

I turned 28 on Wednesday. I'm not to happy about being 28 and childless but there is nothing I can do about it. I am however starting to get excited about my next IVF. So far the Lupron is treating me well. Although I do have a headache today...not sure if that is why. I'm just waiting for AF to get here so I can start my injects. My doctor said I start the Friday or Saturday after I get my period. I hate that they do that but oh well. Hopefully AF won't come till late next week so I wont' be to far into my cycle when I start injects. My follies grow fast even with out the meds. If I start the meds to late it won't work well at all. Sometimes I feel like a number to my RE. I've only seen him once. Lats time I had a different doctor for my retrieval and a different one for my transfer. The transfer is uncomfortable enough as it is let alone having a different male every time I do it.

Today I read a entry on a family members myspace. I really find it sad when people consider doctors "playing God" when it comes to IVF. God gave us our minds and with that came modern medicine. It certainly is NOT taking God out of the picture. The fact that the sperm and the egg make a baby is quite miraculous if you ask me. The doctors can try to force fertilization all they want but they can not make it grow into a child. *sigh* some people are so close minded. I typically don't mind but it hurts extra hard when it is a close family member. Oh well. I've decided that I'm probably not going to tell my husbands family when we get pregnant...not right away. I want to make sure my beta's double over the course of a month and I want to hear the heart beat first. Then again I may change my mind when it finally happens.

I really hope my next IVF works cause I don't know how many more times I can go through this.

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