Tuesday, April 15, 2008

3 days of stims (CD 5)

E2 on 4/12 (baseline) was under 20 (CD2)

I did -4/12-4/14 225 Gonal F

today: CD 6-4/15 E2 was only 75 icon_sad.gif that is after 3 days of 225

my instructions:

keep gonal F at 225 but ad 150 repronex (total FSH = 375 total LH = 150)

do that for tonight and tomorrow. return on 4/17-Thursday for more b/w and u/s

I didn't have an u/s today and I'm fine with that.

I'm kind of scared right now...quality over quantity...all I want is 2-3 perfect 4 cell day 2 embryo's for transfer...that and a nice thick lining.

I'm trying to be optimistic. icon_mrgreen.gif

My fear however is the BCP's over supressed me. Honestly I shouldn't have been on them at all but that is JMO

Maybe this is a GOOD thing. I mean maybe I'll stim for 10 days *holds breath* I have NEVER stimmed for more then 9. Heck stimming for 9 is a miracle for me. LOL

Maybe I"m just up to a slow start. I"m 100% ok with stimming for 10 + days, all it will do is improve my egg quality. Stimming to fast is bad for egg quality. So this is good right? I refuse to give in to the fear that I might be over supressed.

My E2 has NEVER been that low. Heck it's usually over 400 by now. HAHA. My last IVF it was around 200 I think and even that was low (I attribute that to the fact that I'm at a different RE so different lab)

anyhow, I'm hoping this means I'm stimming slower...what do you think? He increased my FSH to 375 and adding 150 of LH (225 Gonal F and 150 repronex)

I wonder if I'll *gasp* actually stim for 10+ days? I'd LOVE to stim for even 10 days!!! Maybe it will help with my egg quality. I'm grasping at straws here and trying to be positive rather then give in to the fear that I may be over supressed.

All I need is 2-3 perfect 4 cell embryo's for a 2 day transfer. LOL

My embryo's however are very poor quality and barely even make it to the day 3 stage. I've added whey protein to my diet and gotten my hypothyroid fixed.

The only change I made this time was taking my shots t 8:30 pm instead of 5:30pm. I wouldn't think that would make that HUGE of a difference.

my last IVF I was E2 of 257 after 3 days of stims (and even that is low for me)


Claudia said...

* wishing you tons and oodles of luck *

M said...

Yes, I remember your problem has always been stimming too fast. I think you have reason to be optomistic still. Nice to know you aren't responding "exactly" the same way.