Monday, April 21, 2008

9 days of stims

It's a miracle. I think I'll be stimming for a full 10 days! This has never ever happened. The only thing different (other then increased dosage of meds) Is the following:

-Taking Whey protein to try to help egg quality
-Doing my shots at 9 pm instead of 5:30
-Starting my cetrotide (antagonist) at 2:30 rather then in the evening like they told me too.

I'm very excited!

Here's my stats:

Saturdays results:

CD 9 (7 days of stims)
E2= 632 Lining= 10.1
Right: 1@16mm 2@12mm, 3@13mm
Left: 1@13mm


4/19-4/20 Same dosage
300 Gonal F, 150 Repronex
Total FSH = 450, total LH = 150
Add Cetrotide

Todays results:

4/21 (9 days of stims) b/w and u/s
E2=waiting on results
Lining 13mm
Right side: 1@16mm, 1@17mm 5 between 13 & 15mm
Left: 6 around 13/15mm!

I'm very excited that I'll probably be stimming for 10 full days! That makes my ER on Thursday and my ET on Saturday! That works out best for Jon and I too! I'm over the moon.


E2 was 1,432 Just a hair under what it was last time. I'm sure not all 13 follies will be mature but I'm fine with that. I do one more round of shots tonight and trigger tomorrow. I'm excited that I made it to 10 days of stims!

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M said...

Wow! What a change! Slow and steady growth. That is awesome!!!