Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baseline b/w and u/s for IVF #5

I forgot to ask my numbers but I got the go ahead to start stims today. I do know this:
Lining was 4.2 (CD 2)
Left ovary less then 10
Right ovary less then 10

My RE already told me that based on my past IVF's I probably have a reduced count. Ok he didn't flat out tell me that but he eluded to the fact. normal antral count is 15-26. So I could have a normal count but my guess is my count is just below normal since I have had a so so response to stims. Who knows. Numbers don't really matter to me any more. All I care about is getting some good quality embryo's one way or another. Unfortunately my odds are better if I have more eggs retrieved. If we can get 12 eggs again this time I'll be happy. Last time 8 were mature so my guess is he will push me an extra day with stims but who knows.

Today through Monday I do 225 Gonal F. Tuesday I go in for blood work but no ultrasound. I already have been told he will most likely (per him) increase FSH to total of 300 per day and ad LH of 150 per day So 150 Gonal F and 150 Repronex.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... a normal antral follicle count of 15-26 doesn't seem right. From what I understand, the ideal number of retrieved mature eggs is 8-14. In fact, too many follies/eggs can negatively effect the quality. Your numbers sound really good (do you mean less than 10 follicles on each ovary? Almost 20 in total, then?). I don't see why in the world you would have to worry about having too few follies. Or am I misunderstanding the stats?

Amy said...

your missunderstanding what an antral follicle count is. Please check out this web site:

the u/s tech said LESS then 10 on each side which doesn't mean "almost 20" it could mean 5 on each side, 7 on each side etc.

the follies you see on baseline u/s don't all become eggs. It's how many "possible" eggs you could get. This is my 5th IVF so I'm aware of how to many follies effects quality. In no way am I asking for a tone of follicles, as a matter of fact in my blog I mentioned I didn't care how many I get as long as I have good quality embryo's this time. I'm not worried about to few follies. the reason I said I hope I get 12 again is because I have poor egg quality. getting less eggs wont' help my quality, my past IVF's have proved that. For me if I get 12 eggs and end up with 8 mature like last time, then I have a greater chance at one of my embryo's being good quality. The less eggs I have the less embryo's I have to chose from. The only time quality becomes iffy with the number of eggs is with woman that get 20+ eggs retrieved. That's when quality is sacrificed for the number of eggs. That will never happen to me since my past IVF's have proven that I have a semi low ovarian reserve. The fact that we got 12 on my last IVF was a miracle.

Amy said...

Sorry if my above response came out wrong. I just re read it and realized I can't edit. LOL

B said...

I am heading towards IVF 5 in a couple of months. Fun eh? Not! I wish you loads of luck.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know about antral follicle counts versus eggs collected, but I didn't know they just say "Less than 10" when counting, which could be a bit misleading if there are only 4 or 5 there, no? I totally understand trying to get as many eggs as possible retrieved; only 1 out of 8 fertilized for me, so I'll be really bummed if I get fewer collected this time, despite quality concerns. I hope this cycle goes really well for you!! :-)