Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FET #3

So my 3rd FET started out well. Jon and I had a lovely vacation in San Diego! We went to Sea World which was the highlight of my trip! We also got to go to the flower fields and balboa park.

We thawed all 4 of our remaining embryo's and all 4 survived beautifully. We transfered the best 3

at 4p5dt (9 dpo) I got this!

I was shocked I got such a dark line so early! Some of my friends thought for sure more then 1 implanted. 

I had a beta at 14dpo and it was 120! I was very happy with that number.

At 18 dpo I had another beta done and it was 110. Needless to say I'm quite devastated. Looks like we will be losing this pregnancy too. I have another blood test tomorrow just to be 100% sure it wasn't an error. 

I'm completely crushed that this is happening again. 

The odd part is my HPT at 17DPO was darker then the control line so my HPT got darker but my beta went down. I'm holding out for a miracle tomorrow but knowing it's not likely. I just hope it's not ectopic. 


Hope said...

(((Hugs))) I am so sorry! :-(

Brave IVF Girl said...

I'm sorry this story turned out this way - I was cheering you on for the first half of the post, and saddened at the second beta. Take care of yourself. *hugs*

Kim said...

man I hope it is wrong.GL!!