Friday, October 24, 2008

adoption update

Thought I'd write quick while DH tries to find out what is wrong with his lap top

The agencies secretary called the other day and said "I didn't realize how far along you were, we could have set up your 1 on 1's with the SW (social worker) a while ago". I'm upset but excited at the same time. We are meeting with him next Thursday!!! Then we get to have our home visit and wait for our homestudy (the paperwork) to be done. I guess it can take 30-60 days for the home study to be approved. We still have to do our birth mother letter and our profile. We are having more pictures taken Monday. Someone we go to church with does photography on the side. She is an excellent photographer. It's $125 but she's amazing and we get to have some pictures done outside. I hope the leaves are still pretty...we are doing this Monday...I've noticed that the leaves are really falling off the trees and I'll be kind of sad if the trees where we are going are bare.

Anyhow, off to watch Ironman with my hubby.

Oh and work this week was AWFUL!!! I'm really starting to know how my friend Jeni felt wihen she was in this position. And the reps are doing AWFUL selling sections. Our seniors section had a goal of almost $20k and they did $7,200. our home and life section had a goal of almost $18k and they did just over $6k...I mean I know the econemy sucks but are they really trying to sell? Corporate is making a big push for internet and my theory is they are selling that and print is failing because of it. I mean my coop goal is $20,000 under for the month. Corporate is really really pushing internet so between that, the econemy and the fact that..well...I have no idea to be honest. *sigh* enough of that crap it's FRIDAY!!!!

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Jennifer said...

We really enjoyed Ironman...hope you did too.

Great news on the adoption front. I'm sure your photos will turn out great by using that photographer and taking some outdoor shots in the Autumn! Good luck with the homestudy - don't stress about it too'll do just great!