Thursday, October 16, 2008

"High fertility"

Yup you read that right (that is if I even have anyone following my blog). But that title is not referring to me. We recently had the Sperm DNA test done through the SHER institute. Normal results would be under 30% fragmented. Under 15% is husbands came back at 6.4% Which puts him in the "High fertility" category. I wasn't sure how the results would come back. I was hoping he'd "walk in his father's shoes" so to speak...His dad has fathered 3 children all of which were "oops" babies. My husband has had morphology problems and some volume/count issues but nothing that would keep us from getting pregnant on our own. I'm not exactly sure how the DNA fragmentation correlates with morphology but I'll have to ask. My DH has always had a higher the normal percentage of sperm with head defects. Good to hear they are chromosomally normal though...I guess...

I'm ecstatic but at the same time this means the issue probably is with my eggs.

My husband and I talked again about donor embryo and it's just not something he really wants to do so we are not going that route. I guess that's ok with me though because I'm a bit more excited about adopting anyway. Part of the reason I'm ok with not doing donor embryo is the comments I'd get from people "I knew you'd get pregnant once you adopted" bla bla bla. People are so freaking stupid! That's not the only reason but that's one of them.

On the other hand I'm frustrated that I won't get to experience pregnancy. I know some day I'll have a miracle pregnancy of my own and I'm trying to be patient till then. I can't tell you HOW I know (ok I can but revelation is personal and readers probably wouldn't understand anyway) but I just know that some day God will bless my husband and I with a little miracle of my own.

So I guess the plan is to cycle with SIRM. The question at hand is do I pay $4,500 for the CGH/egg testing? All it will do is confirm that my eggs are indeed genetically abnormal....or tell me they are not and leave me confused. I have no idea how much my insurance company will reimburse but they said they will...just not how much. You see in January my husband and I have to start paying on his student loans and I really really want to get our car paid off and $4,500 is almost 1/2 of what we owe on the car so it's really hard to justify spending it on CGH...I'm just not sure what to do. Looks like I'll be calling my insurance company again. *sigh* Fun fun


Just Meim said...

You do have a following... I check your blog almost everyday.

And, just a guess, but you must have BXBS insurance huh? They are buggers about giving ACTUAL details on coverage. My IUIs have been a nightmare! Good luck with all the decisions coming up for you. I'm here if you need me.

Foreverloves said...

I've been reading too, and I guess I'm glad about DH, but I had never heard that term before.

I understand about the donor embryo though. I did like that idea because you'd get to be pregnant, but adoption is a beautiful thing too! We will definitely adopt if I can't carry this child.

Jeni Pelletier said...

I second the following!!!

Amy, have you ever considered that if you may have genetically abnormal eggs that you may have genetically abnormal babies? Perhaps God doesn't want to put you in that situation.

I love you and miss you! I have been constantly praying for you. Search for God and find your significance in him and life will seem a little less stressful.
If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to vent to, I'm here. I can electronically lend you my shoulder!
I miss you!!

adbwifey0804 said...

Hiiiii!! I'm just catching up on your blog. I say do the testing at SIRM... Even though the answer might hurt, answers are the cure to a wondering mind. There are many things I wish I could back and redo in my cycles but I can't. And Lord knows when I will cycle again. I just hate thinking of the What If's... Get it for peace of mind, if that makes sense. :)
I'm SO excited for you!! And you aren't the only one behind lady... :( 6 1/2 years now under my belt... you're not alone.