Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here is a post I made on the FF forums. I don't have the energy to re type it . 

I went to see the guy for my Asherman's yesterday. Here is the update I wrote in the TTC 3+ years IVF buddy group they given replies in our group: we are back. I'm exhausted. We sat down in a room and 2 ladies came in (Dr. Issacson's assitants) they asked us a bunch of questions about our history (mostly our IVF history). After that the doctor came in and said that since I never had any D&C's or any surgeries that could have caused Asherman's and that I was still having my period (woman with Severe Asherman's don't typically have a period) that he thought I would have a normal uterus. He got out a drawing of a uterus and showed me what he thought the doctor had done during my last hysteroscopy. He said he thought she had gone into the uterine wall and that the picture was of my muscle tissue. He wanted to do a hysteroscopy to see whether this was true or not. Only problem was I wouldn't be under anesthesia. I was nervous but I agreed. First he gave me a vag ultrasound and showed me that I had a triple stripe lining. The hysteroscopy was VERY difficult. After 2 attempts he had his assistants (there were 3 woman assisting him) go get the ultrasound machine to help him guide his way. There was actually a "fake" entrance to my uterus. Leading us to believe what he said was true. After a VERY long time and lots of pain he finally got into my uterus. Perfectly healthy. Picture perfect. No scar tissue! He was right. The doctor that had done my last hysteroscoopy had gone into my uterine wall and cut away at my muscle tissue. She thought she was cutting scar tissue away from my left tube! You see my cervix goes straight then gets to a point where it bends (like the letter C ) the last doctor should have known this since I did 4 IUI's with them and they were the one's that discovered this. She used a hard instrument that didn't bend. Now I don't know if she's the one that caused the extra "fake entrance" or hole in my cervix or not. I'm very upset but very relieved at the same time. It's lots of mixed emotions. Here is a picture of where the doctor that did the last hysteroscopy (a local doctor did it for SIRM so it WASN'T SIRM). She went part way down my cerivx. Then when my cervix bends she made a hole instead of going with the bend. Anyhow, she went behind the uterus into the uterine wall. So here she thought I had Asherman's but it my muscle tissue behind my uterus. The bottom left is where she clipped away at what she thought was my left tube. nope...muscle tissue. 

and here is a picture of my normal perfectly healthy uterus! The picture is very crappy cause I took a picture of the picture with my camera and the picture is kind of crappy to begin with. 

And before more people ask me:

"What are your plans now?" 

Well thanks to this stupid doctor I lost my last chance at IVF. I lose my infertility coverage at the end of May. My hubby and I are exhausted mentally and physically from all these doctors and medical treatments. We have been on a break since last summer and this experience has been a huge reminder to me of the pain of the procedures. If I did do another IVF it wouldn't be for a may be a year down the road...IF that. But the fact is I'm losing my insurance and Jon's insurance probably doesn't cover it. I emailed the RE from SIRM to let him know what happened and this is what he said:

All I can say is unbelievable, and I am sorry to hear about your lost opportunity for IVF.

I think the physician that did your hysteroscopy should offer to pay for your IVF if you did indeed ever want to do it.

This only reinforces my feelings that I should do EVERYTHING for my patients.


I called the office and talked to the the woman that did all my IUI's. I had a better relationship with her then the doctor that did my hysteroscopy (we'll call her Dr. B) the woman I spoke to "J" didn't respond in the way I expected. (although in hendsight did I expect them to basically admit they screwed up BIG TIME?). When I explained what the doctor had found she said "well that's not what I'm looking at" meaning that it couldn't possibly be muscle tissue. I said "well I doubt my scare tissue cleared up in a month" And we continued to talk. At the end she said "I'll tell Dr. B what Dr. Issaccson thought". 

I also got to thinking today. When I went in for my saline ultrasound " J " was the one that attemped it. It took her 45 minutes. In the end she wasn't sure if she got into my uterus but I saw the catheter on the ultrasound so I know she got in there eventually. There was lots of poking, prodding and tons of blood by the time I was done. Makes me wonder if she contributed to the extra hole I now have in my cervix area. Who knows how it got there but someone did it. I mean she poked me so much that day that she put me on antibiotics so I wouldn't get an infection. So I'm almost wondering if she's the one that started to make a hole behind my uterus to the muscle tissue and that "Dr. B" continued down that path when she did the hysteroscopy. Who knows what happened. 

I just don't know what to do. I don't know if I should just let it go and move on with life or if I should persue legal action. I mean my IVF was canceled because they thought I had severe asherman's syndrome. I lose my infertility coverage the end of this month so we don't have time to do another IVF. 

Please keep in mind that hubby and I don't even know if we want to do another IVF. As far as we are concerned we are done with doctors completely. Heck if I ever do get pregnant I'm going to a birthing center like my SIL is. I know there are good doctors out there. But between this doctor and the other doctors not listening to me when I ask for testing....I'm so done. but if I had the option to do IVF would I? I don't know. Right now I just want to live my life for a while. But in the mean time to I persue this and do anything about the fact that they messed up?


A n T said...

(((hugs))). You've been through so much. But so glad to hear that you have beautiful perfect uterus.

Just Meim said...

Holy crap, Amy, that is the biggest bunch of B.S. I have ever heard! I would be soooo ticked at those doctors!

I would for sure at least call an attorney and see if you have a shot at a lawsuit. At least that way, by the time the whole court thing is done, you may have made a decision about another IVF.

Man... I'm steaming for you! So pissed, and it's not even me!

Hugs for you. I'm so sorry about everything. That truly is ridiculous!

Flower said...

I know I'm late...but I just wanted to give you some((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Big hugs 2 u
I had a hysteroscopy a few days ago and found your blog cos I was reading up on ashermans. I had AS diagnosed and it was corected. Also i had a difficult embryo transfer 6 weeks ago and a BFN. the doctor who daignosed my ashermans found also a hole in my cervix which I dont know how it got there but I think it was done during the ET procedure 6weeks ago
Im having another if cycle in November so fingerscrossed, this will be my 7th attempt but we do have 2 daughters , im eternally grateful for that. im
Im praying for you(hugs)