Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, it's been quite a while since I made a blog entry. I'm not sure where to begin. I guess I'll start by saying that I got laid off from work on February 12th. Not to much to be said there. I kind of knew it was coming. I mean most of the people I worked with knew what their new job was going to be and I hadn't been told a thing. The week after I got laid off my husband and I flew to Texas to get our new puppy. We had already commited to getting him way back in November of 2008 and we had been getting weekly pictures of him so we were already in love. The day before we were supposed to leave I got extremely sick with what must have been a stomache bug (because later tests showed that it wasn't my gallbladder). I was throwing up, then I'd be on the floor in a ball un able to move in escrutiating pain. My husband ended up taking me to the hospital where they gave me an IV medication to make the nausea go away
 then gave me some morphine to help with the pain. The first round of morphine didn't completely help so they came to give me more. Shortly there after I got sleepy so I sent my husband home to get some sleep cause he had to work in the morning. (I think he got about 3 hours sleep that night). He came at 7:30 the next morning and picked me up to take me home. Our flight left at 5:00 pm so I had all day to sleep and rest up for our flight. unfortunately he was working so he did not. 

Anyhow, the stomache bug moved from my stomache to my bowles but at least I was able to make the trip. Between the depression of being laid off and the stomache bug I lost a little over 10 lbs in a week.  

Our puppy's name is Nikko. He's now almost 21 weeks old and the cutest thing every and really smart. He's beenn going to puppy classes but he was alrea
dy a quick learner to begin with (but that's typical of the breed-they are very easy to train). He is a Miniture American Eskimo. Here is a clip from the internet on their temperment:

The American Eskimo is a charming, affectionate and loving dog. Hardy and playful, they are excellent with children. Highly intelligent and willing to please. Alert and easy to train, the American Eskimo often ranks among the top scorers in obedience trials. These dogs like to work. They are naturally wary of strangers, but once introduced, they become instant friends. Eskimos need to be part of the family, with a firm, consistent, confident pack leader. If you allow the dog to believe he is the ruler of your home, many varying degrees of behavior issues will arise. Including, but not limited to, separation anxiety, obsessive barking, dog aggressiveness, willful, and guarding. Without enough mental and physical exercise, they can become hyperactive and high strung, spinning in circles. Small dogs have a higher tenancy to become the pack leader over humans, because they are small and cute, and often times the humans are oblivious as to what has happened. Read Small Dog Syndrome to find out more.

Here are a few pictures:                                          

9 weeks                                                                          


11 weeks


13 weeks:                                                                   

14 weeks:


Around 15 weeks they start losing their baby fur. It takes about 2 months to lose their fur and another 2 months for the fur to grow back. Nikko's fur is growing in weird patches LOL. Eventually all his fluffy fur will grow back but it will take some time. 

15 weeks:                                                                       


 19 weeks: 

Anyhow, I'll post another picture of him when I can get a good one. Much like toddlers he doesn't cooperate very well. So far some of the commands he knows is Sit, sit stay (till I tell him to go get the food that I put on the floor for him), lay down (he's not very good at that one but we are working on it), come, here, do you need to go out side? (he will bark in reply if he needs to go out, he will also come up to me and bark if he needs to go out even if I don't ask) we are also working on "go to bed and lay down" (and stay there till I say "ok go play"). He will wait to eat his dog food till I say "ok go get it".  We are working on him not jumping on people as well, he's getting better at that but still needs practice.  

speaking of the little guy, he's napping when he should be playing so I'm going to go play with him so he doesn't become a lazy dog. :) 

I'll make a seporate post about why our IVF with SIRM was canceled. I have a lot to update on. 



A n T said...

Glad to hear you love being a puppy Mommy. Dog's are such a handful! We should be able to claim them on our taxes!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would just like to weigh in because my wife and i have been through several failed ivf cycles.

I want to give advice, take it how you want.

Reviewing your cycles, there is a common theme, it appears that you have 2 day transfers, and the embryos never make it to day 5. I reality, having a day 5 transfer is the most ideal, of course day2 and day 3 pregnancies occur, but every Dr would agree day 5 is the best option. The fact that thy are not growing to day 5 and no transfers are taking place after day 2, suggests some egg issue.

While I believe you could get pregnant with ivf, I think egg donor would be the quickest and most succesful way. The embryos would be of very high quality.

Regarding your husbands sperm countm, one post u wroe how 33 million was low, it is considered low if it is less than 20 million. If that was the case, they would do icsi/where they inject 1 sperm for every egg. So a man could literally have a sperm count of 50 with ivf and still do fine.

I am sorry about the uterus. If it is that complicated I would very strongly consider a surrogate. You can also use an egg donor in a surrogate.

My wife and I are doing an egg donor cycle and our transfer is sunday. Please dont ever give up trying to find the baby. You have been lnocked down many times I know, get back up, dont let it beat you, Andrew

Amy said...

To the last noter:

My husband and I thought about egg donor but ruled it out as it's not something we want to do. We decided to persu adoption instead.

Also after consulting with SIRM (see my more recent and some other entries) we realized we have some immune issues and that we are also probably dealing with some severe egg quality issues-genetically abnormal eggs.

We did ICSI with all 6 of my IVF's. The RE's didn't see a need for it but I realized that my husband's SA's were not the greatest so I pushed for ICSI to be done. My ins would pay for it so why not right? :)

As far as surrogacy I have a more recent post that says that I don't have asherman's due to the fact that the doctor that diagnosed me severely messed up. None-the-less surrogacy is also something we are not willing to do.

Thanks for all your advise though :)