Friday, May 18, 2012


I've been meaning to write (frankly it helps me cope when I write my feelings down) but every time I feel like it I'm at work or busy else where. So even though I'm at work I'm taking the time to write a quick post.

I returned to work last week part time. Today is my last day part time and Monday I return to work full time. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous to return full time but I'm ready. I do have intermittent FMLA if I need it so that's good.

Today I had a break down. I'm not really sure how to appropriately explain why. Suffice to say I got upset at something  stupid and it ended in me getting into a small tiff with my husband. He "moved on" about a week after the loss. He said it's hard to tell if I'm getting upset because of the miscarriage or just getting upset in general. I explained to him that right now, when ever I get upset it's due to the miscarriage. Things that normally would set me off sets me off. Things that would normally upset me makes me fly off the handle.

Anyhow I suppose I should get back to work. I'm honestly not even sure what to say. I'm "bla" all the time. Either I'm feeling nothing or I'm angry. I went to work crying this morning and have been very unproductive all day. I just can't focus but I have to be here for 2 more hours.

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