Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I don't think I can do this again

I called my IVF nurse this morning. I never ever get anywhere with her. I want to skip the BCP for my next IVF reason being is because I want my IVF completed by 11/13 (meaning my beta around 11/13.) I'm going on my 4th anniversary and wanted my beta right before I I get good or bad news right before vacation. However I want to have 1 more cycle to try on my own (with no BCP). My period should be here in 6ish days. Then my next cycle would end 10/16ish. I wanted to start stims on 10/19 (that will align me for a beta on or around 11/12. Anyhow, My IVF nurse said I can't go with out the BCP. I just want to cry. WHY NOT? she said they like to quiet things down and be in control. What is the big deal? I did 2 IUI cycles with out the BCP and I was fine. Most of my follies grew at the same rate. I don't really have to worry to much about a lead follicle.

I'm now debating switching clinics.

I don't know what to do. I'm so sick of not getting what I want. Am I being un reasonable?

My doctor screwed up my last two IVF cycles (as far as I'm concerned) so why can't they do this one little thing for me? WHY?

I'm shaking. I don't know if I can do this again. Just talking to her and not getting what I want upsets me. I thought I was almost ready to do this again but I'm not. I'm not ready. I don't know if I'll ever be ready.

I don't know if I can go through this again. I can't do this and work a full time job. It's to much for me. I work in advertising (sales) and it's stressful enough let alone adding IVF to it.

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M said...

I think you should demand to talk to the doctor. You (or your insurance company) has already paid him a fortune. The very least you deserve is to have your concerns answered by the actual doctor!!!!--not his nurse.

And, the next couple weeks, go ahead and decide if you want him or another clinic. I dropped my last doctor. He was super nice and I liked him a lot, but he couldn't get me pregnant. In fact, an hour after my first IUI, ALL of the sperm leaked out. There was no mistaking it. Then I read on the medical websites about less skilled doctors who have a hard time closing cervixes that are angled. The result: lost sperm and lost embryos!! NEXT!

I found a doctor listed on the Castle Connelly Best Doctors List. Drs are voted on by their peers.--can't pay money to get on this list. Much more trustworthy source than the big beautiful ads that my last doctor paid for.

I don't know anything about your doctor's qualifications. Maybe he is excellent, but I know that you deserve to be happy with his service. I hope you get to talk with him. And, if you aren't happy with what he has to say, why not start doctor shopping?

One last thing: I believe you can do this again.