Friday, September 28, 2007


Well I called the doctor that did my IUI's. When I first started going to her she started tracking my cycle via ultrasounds. She found that by CD 9 or 10 my follicle was already 20mm. (you should ovulate when your follie is around 20mm) Anyhow, I wouldn't ovulate for another 4 days. By that size my follies grow 3+ mm per day. If the follicle gets to big the egg gets "old" and is considered poor quality and hard to fertilize. Granted it isn't a guarantee that it's bad quality (can't tell unless you retrieve the egg and look at it) but most of the time that is the case. Anyhow, Now that i have been on herbs for almost 3 months (and acupuncture) I'm wondering if my body is doing the same thing. I called and talked to her and she is having me go in for an u/s tomorrow morning at 9 am. :) I'm excited to see if my body is acting more "normal" or doing the same thing. I also asked if I could go in for a progesterone test at 7 DPO because I've always had low progesterone when not on progesterone support. :) I'm excited to see what my lining is at as well.

If this cycle doesn't work Jon and I will be doing another IVF. I'm really hoping for a miracle of my own but I doubt that will happen.

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