Monday, September 10, 2007

Just ovulation

Well come Sunday I felt 100% better. I had a doctors appointment scheduled for today so they can do an ultrasound and re check my urine to see if there is still blood in it. The urine was fine. My previous sample was sent away to a lab for further checking and it came back fine.

At my ultrasound today it showed I had ovulated out of my right ovary (which is where the pain was). I have had 4 IUI cycles. 1 cycle I had 3 eggs (my clomid cycle) 2 cycles I had 6ish follicles and 1 cycle I had 13! Needless to say I have never experienced "ovulation" pain quite like this before. I find it hard to believe that this was just ovulation pain. Something was wrong. It felt just like an egg retrieval and it hurt for about 2 days. I'm really confused.

Oh well, the good thing is that I'm feeling better. :)

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