Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Almost there

Well I officially ordered my meds. They will arrive on Friday. I still have some left over from my last IVF but since I pay $40 regardless of the quantity I filled the whole prescription. I will get 10 450iu Gonal F Pens. I still have ganerellix from IVF #1 so I didn't bother to fill those.

I take my last BCP Sunday evening. If I remember correctly I believe it takes 3 days for AF to arrive. Since I take them at night I'll expect AF on Thursday some time. Maybe even Wednesday. I'm hoping she holds out till Thursday.

I'm getting excited to cycle again.


M said...

So true. I can hardly wait to see AF this time around. She'll probably be here on Sat. or Sun. Then, I'll feel like I'm on the home stretch. Can't wait.

Amy said...

So what is the next step after you get AF? Have you started Lupron yet? I start stims on 11/2!

M said...

Yep. I started Lupron last Saturday. I've never given shots to myself before, so it took a little bit of courage. But, I was surprised that it didn't hurt. For some reason when DH gave me the shot on Sunday, though, it hurt a little.

I stay on Lupron till retrieval and I start stims on 11/2. I assume stim shots feel the same and are in the stomach, too.

The shots I fear are the progesterone shots in the rear. I hear they are painful. And, what's worse is DH won't be able to give them to me most nights. (He'll be out of town quite a bit after my transfer.) I will have to learn how to give them to myself. Yikes! Did you have those?

I talked to my doctor, and I think we'll just do ICSI on all my eggs. Poor DH is sure he can do it on his own. And, as my Dr. explained, he may be right, but ICSI just increases our chances. I hope DH is okay with that. I know he'd love to hold a few eggs back just to see. But, this might not be the time to experiment.

Amy said...

I don't do the PIO shots (progesterone) I take progesterone supplements. I do crinone. It gets inserted in the whoo haa. :)

I'm afraid that our natural fertilization rate will suck. (since our ICSI rate isn't that good). maybe my eggs just don't ICSI well. I've heard that in rare cases some people have better success naturally.

I can definitely understand going with ICSI rather then risking it. MY DH wanted to do natural fertilization as well so you can tell your DH that mine understands completely. :)

I can't believe we start stims on the same day! I'm glad we are cycling together. :)

If you start AF this Saturday or sunday isn't 11/2 kind of late for starting stims? Usually they start you on CD 3ish. Then again while on Lupron you are suppressed so I suppose it really doesn't matter what day you start stims.

M said...

I really wish I could start stims sooner, but they only start on Fridays. Does your clinic require a Friday start, too?

My nurse told me to call the day AF comes and to absolutely remember to keep taking Lupron. So Lupron must keep me suppressed. Exciting to start stims the same day! Who ever would have thought that would have happened!

I took the progesterone suppositories with iui. They kind of annoyed me. Messy. I never thought I'd miss them. But, I'm sure I'll be thinking of them fondly when I have to stick a 2" needle in my rear!

Yes. The male ego is a delicate thing. My poor DH has been so proud of his sperm count this past year, that it's a little bit of a blow to hear that the doctor will have to help the little guys into my eggs.

Amy said...

Yeah my clinic starts on Friday or Saturday. :)

Amy said...

If AF comes by Friday will they let you start stims this week? Did they start you on Lupron on day 21 of your cycle?

M said...

Yep. I started Lupron CD21. I think they would let me start this Friday if AF came by then. But, I doubt it will because I took an ovulation predictor kit this month just so I could predict when AF would come. Saturday will probably be the soonest. An early AF would be a nice surprise!

Amy said...

Well at least we will still be cycling together. I have to admit I'd be happy for you but a little bummed if you got to start your stims this Friday. LOL

M said...

I agree. It really is working out perfectly to be able to go through this together. I don't talk to anyone about this--besides DH and the IVF nurses! , so it is fantastic to have a friend like you!!!!