Monday, October 8, 2007

on to IVF #3

Well I got the results of my progesterone test today and it was 2.80. I know I ovulated (about 99% sure) but it was extremely week (like always) so AF should be here in a few days. I'll start the BCP for IVF on Sunday and end it on 10/28. I'll start stims on 11/2 and my estimated ER will be 11/13!

Well Jon and I found a car. Never in a million years did we picture ourselves getting a brand new car! We got a 2008 Toyota Carolla S edition for $16,000. I'm nervous spending that much on a car but oh well. We have the $3,000 from my car to put down on it so that will help. We'd have a lot more if we hadn't just paid for both our heating systems. At least they are done though!

Well time to relax!


M said...

What a nice car! It sounds like you were overdue for an upgrade. And, it will be a good car for the upcoming babies :)

I can't believe how we are scheduled for ivf practically the same day!! I asked my ivf nurse again yesterday about my schedule. She thought I'd be starting lupron on the 20th, stims on the 2nd, and have retrieval on the 11th. I am still new to this world, though, so I'd don't know how variable the schedule ends up being. Do you know? I have my clomid challenge test today. And my mock embryo transfer and ivf class will be on Thursday. Have you had clomid challenge or mock embryo transfer?

Amy said...

I didn't really have the clomid challenge. I was on it for my first IUI cycle though. I also didn't do an IVF class or a moc transfer. I had been on the stims for IUI for months so I knew what I was doing. :) I don't know why they didn't do a moc transfer though. OH well.