Friday, October 12, 2007

Why did I do this?

Why didn't I switch RE's when I was on a break. I gave my Re the benefit of the doubt and I still don't agree with how he is handling my cycle. He is not doing CD 3 bloodwork or u/s. He will not do an antral count because I'm "to young". Ok I'm "Young" then why am I not pregnant?!?!?! He is also not doing an u/s until I have been on stims for 4 days. I stim really quickly. By 4 days my follicles will be around 14mm (unless I'm lucky). If he really cared he would bring me in for an u/s after 2 or 3 days of stims. Unfortunately my follicles suck up the FSH and grow way to quickly. it's like he doesn't care. He just goes by the book. It's like I'm a number. Why oh why am I doing this again? I hate my doctor and I'm stuck with him till this cycle is over.

He said during my phone consult that we could do "what I wanted" but he won't do an antral and he won't bring me in earlier for an u/s. Does he even care about me? He sure as heck doesn't seem to. I'm so unbelievably angry. All my FF friends have told me since IVF #1 that I need a different doctor. Now I'm on IVF #3 and STILL with the same doctor. If this cycle doesn't work I'm going to a different RE. This is ridiculous. I can't stand him!

I can pretty much predict what will happen this cycle. I'm hoping since I have been on herbs for 3 months that my body will do something a tad bit different. Here is what my body normally does:

after 4 days of stims My E2 will be over 500 and I'll have 4-8 follicles. Some or one of them will be around 12-14mm. My Re will then lower my dosage.

I'll be lucky if I get 8 eggs. My ICSI rate is less then 50%. I have almost zero chance of a 5 day transfer if we don't get at least a dozen eggs.

My Re did up my dosage to 225 and I've never been on anything but 150 so I'm thinking we might end up getting more *crosses fingers*

I'm not looking forward to going through this again. I'm so glad I have my FF friends and my blogger buddy to go through this with.

on a good note we pick up our car today!!!

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M said...

I can't believe he won't do an AFC when he said he would before. Maybe he doesn't want to be responsible for having to dose you properly in order to retrieve a similar number of eggs. If you come up with an antral follicle count of say 25, but he only harvests 8 eggs, than that is a poor reflection on him. But, if no one knows your AFC then he can just say 'too bad. sorry you didn't produce more eggs.'

...Of course maybe it's just insurance that prohibits him from doing too many u/s and bloodwork. Politics in medicine. Too bad, because I bet he'd do it anyway for his wife or his daughter. (Likewise, I want antibody/ immune tests run, but my doctor won't do it because he thinks it's an unlikely cause. But, isn't that cheap compared to doing IVF? I don't want to use up all my IVF money to later find out I should have taken a blood thinner during the process.)

Did your RE at least do an fsh? How was that?

I think it's great news he'll be starting you on a higher dose. I bet you will get a lot more eggs with that.