Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feeling better

I'm feeling a LOT better about my IVF cycle. I've been on the BCP for a week now. So far it makes me nauseous but that's ok I guess. Hard to believe that in 12 days I'll be starting the injectable meds. That reminds me...I have to order them. My nurse refuses to order me any more then I need for that cycle however it's a $40 co pay regardless of how many gonal f pens she orders me. I shouldn't complain because $40 is VERY cheap compared to what others pay but it still bothers me. My last doctor would let me order about 3 months worth. I have ganerallix from IVF #1 so all I'll need is the Ovidrel and Gonal F.

I can't wait to start and really hope the herbs have helped my egg quantity. (and quality) My doctor wants to only transfer 2 but I want to transfer 3. Technically I only had 1 failed IVF since IVF #2 I had nothing to transfer. If we do a 3dt I definitely want to transfer 3. if we do a 5dt and the embryo's are good quality then I'll do 2. I'm really hoping for a 5dt this time. My clinic requires 6 fertilized eggs in order to do a 5dt. it's quite annoying. I'd rather do a 5dt regardless of how many fertilize.


M said...

What kind of herbs do you take? I have been trying to eat lots of omega 3 and 6 fatty acid (salmon, etc) and take some fish oil capsules--which are supposed to improve immune function, but I haven't taken herbs. Did you get them from accupuncture?

That's interesting about 5dts. I was wondering how they decide whether to do 3dt or 5dt. Did you have assisted hatching with your embryos?

Amy said...

I do take Fish Oil (2 pills a day) other then that I have no idea what herbs I'm on. They are a mixed powder like substance (like crushed dried herbs) and nasty. They are supposed to help with egg quality and quantity as well as other things. :) I do get them from my acu.

My clinic will only do a 5dt if I have 6 fertilized eggs. Otherwise they do a 3dt. That is their policy. Each clinic has their own. You should ask your RE. Some clinics only do 5dt's. (rare but some do)

Amy said...

OH I have not had Assisted hatching (AH) but I'd love to. :)

Amy said...

Also. I'll be stopping the herbs when I start injects. :) Can't do herbs with injects. :)