Monday, March 17, 2008


Well DH and I have talked and I've had plenty of time to think about when and if to go to CCRM. I'd LOVE to go there since their statistics are double what my Re's is. (They are probably THE top clinic in the US) I decided that I will cycle once more with my RE (contingent upon how the consult goes-I'm still upset about the way he talked to me about DE) Once DH graduates in May I will start the process with CCRM. That way I can take some time off from work if I have to. With DH working we will have more money to spare (although I have plenty of money now to buy plane tickets but oh well) Essentially if I go to CCRM I'd like to take ER through beta off from work. Actually I'd like to take about 2-3 weeks off from work.

My BIL and his wife will also be staying with us for a few months (along with my nephew who will be 13 months when they move in) It will also be nice to have the extra help around the house while I travel. I won't have to worry about cooking or cleaning as my SIL will be helping out with that (per her request).

As of now I'm doing quite well. I'm ok with where we are and I really feel as though my BFP is going to happen really soon. Ever since DH and I fasted about it I have felt quite peaceful. I hope it stays this way. I really do hope IVF #5 works because I'm going to be 29 in June and I'll be quite depressed if I'm not expecting by then. I'd like to have a baby before 30. Heck I would have LOVED to have my first baby at 25 but that didn't exactly work out the way I wanted it to.

We will also be hitting the 3 year mark in May. Between that and turning 29 I'm not sure how well I'll take another failure. My next IVF will be complete by the time DH graduates. What a nice graduation gift that would be.

DH is still hunting for Jobs. Darn Liberty Mutual for messing him over the way they did! It's slim pickings out there right now.


MamaSoon said...

Good luck on that consult. I hope they don't force the DE on your again. CCRM sounds promising too. I had a consult with them last month. When is your RE follow up?

adbwifey0804 said...


UGH... I am SOO sorry!! THIS FUCKING SUCKS!!!!

I am soo soo sorry! I am happy that you sound good though. I know that this does tear us on the inside though and just know that I am thinking of you and that I am just disgusted by this. Why does this have to be THIS hard??? I just don't get it...

M said...

I think that sounds like a great plan! Seems like it's worth giving this RE one more shot at getting you on a better protocol since you can cycle so soon and they are so close. At the same time, nice to know you have the safety net of CCRM if you need them.

Jennifer said... sound so positive and grounded about your upcoming cycle and future plans. It's really wonderful that you've taken the time to plan out everything so thoroughly. Good luck with your current RE...I hope this next cycle is the one for you and you don't even need to bother going to CCRM!!!