Sunday, March 2, 2008


I've been doing a lot of thinking over the past 24 hours. My RE ordered me to be a "couch potato" and I have not done a very good job. I fully plan on taking tomorrow off and watching Dr. Who season 3 all day. I will do my best to stay on the couch or take a nap. I just wish I had a lap top (Jon takes it to work with him) so I could lay down and surf the internet vs sitting at my computer. I fully feel like bed rest won't help me get pregnant but it will help me relax and come to terms with the fact that my new RE wrote me off after my first cycle with him. I'm very hurt that he is writing me off. I liked him. Granted he really does seem to care for Jon and I but it hurts that he see's no point in trying a new protocol. I think that the LH made my already bad egg quality worse. I've never had embryo's that bad on day 2. Last IVF I had 3 eggs, all fertilized with ICSI 2 were 4 cells on day 3 and one was 3 cells. the 2 4 cells survived to day 3 but were only 5 cells. I know my 3 embryo's are better off inside me. I'm just hoping at least one of them sticks.

I plan on calling my RE's embryologist tomorrow to talk in detail about my eggs and embryo's. I want a realistic picture.

So for now I plan on trying to distress and focus on the fact that I have had a blessing that stated I will have a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies. (for those not of my faith the latter may not make sense)

speaking of couch potato I'm going to go rest now.

Please note that in my previous post I was talking about my embryo's on day 2 not day 3.


M said...

I'm glad you will relax and take care of yourself today. I am also so glad that you remember your blessing and know that your RE is not the ultimate authority on whether or not you will be a mother. Keep having faith and keep praying for guidance. I hope you find peace in your blessing, knowing that you WILL be a mother. . .I'll certainly be praying with you that this will be your month :)

Jennifer said...

CONGRATS on transferring 3 embies! I know bedrest can be boring, but do what you can to take it easy and get some R&R! I have a laptop but decided not to use it at all while on bedrest - especially on my lap. I sometimes worry about the heat transferring and frying my embies or sometime - I'm funny like that!

Good luck while you take things easy...stick embies stick!!!!