Saturday, March 1, 2008

bad eggs, bad sperm

I'm copying this from my posts on FF. I really don't have the mental energy to deal with this.

well not so good news. 1 of the embryo's arrested already. out of the 7 they are all very very poor quality. 6 were 3 cells and 1 was 5 cells. They all had uneven cell growth and in the 3 better quality (still crappy) they were 3 cells and only had 1 nuclei present (each cell should each have 1 nuclei) Needless to say we transfered the 3 best (3 cells) My chances of pregnancy is very slim however he said he has seen a woman with embryo's like mine get pregnant with fraternal twins so I may have a chance at one sticking. He said normally woman my age don't have egg quality issues. it appears I have the eggs of a 40 year old. he said my husbands morphology was poor and that he thinks it is both of us at this point. He suspects chromosomal issues and he is so certain that he doesn't even want to do PGD. As a matter of fact he see's no point in my cycling with my own eggs.

Needless to say if this works it will be nothing short of a miracle. I'm pretty torn up over it and not sure how often I will be on FF for the next few weeks.

Donor egg/embryo/sperm is not an option for DH and I. We'd rather spend the money on adoption


M said...

I know you received discouraging news today, but please don't give up yet. Reevaluate things later if you need to, but right now you have 3 reasons to be hopeful. I will be praying for your miracle.

Take whatever time and space you need.

Portia P said...

I'm so sorry Amy.

I've heard of bigger miracles - pregnancies with only 1 bad quality embryo. Don't give up just yet.

Take care of yourself.

Carrie said...

I'm so sorry you are having such news to deal with. It is so hard to go through so much and not have the result you're hoping for.
The final result is still to come. Please try to hang in there and we'll hope along with you x

Anonymous said...

I can totally empathize. It really sucks. I had 5 mature eggs going through ICSI and only 1 fertilized. Don't know what could happen a possible 2nd time around, but there's still hope for this time so let's stay with that hope as long as we can, okay. Hang in there!