Monday, March 3, 2008

waiting waiting waiting

Well I don't anticipate this 2ww is going to be very hard. I know my chances of pregnancy is slim. Thus far no urge to POAS but I'm only 4dper.

The embryologist that was there for my transfer called me back today. She was at another location so she didn't have her chart in front of me. She couldn't give me exact details but thinks my embryo's were only 5 cells yesterday (They like to see them at 6-8 cells) She will call me tomorrow and give me an update.

I asked about the 3 better one's that we transfered back. Again, she couldn't remember exact details but she said she thinks that it was either 1 out of the 3 cells had a nucleus (normal cells would each have a nucleus) or if it was 2 out of the 3. She will call me tomorrow and let me know.
Their scoring system is different. The first score they get is on day 1 the "zygote score" The second score they get is on day 2. They look for even cell growth (2 or 4 cells on day 2 and 6-8 cells on day 3).

Anyhow, there probably isn't much hope for the remaining embryo's but I'm still hoping some make it to blast. We had 4 on day 2. 3 were 3 cells and 1 was 5 cells. I'm not sure what their abnormalities were accept the uneven cell growth. It could be that some of them had multiple nuclei (each cell should have 1 nucleus if they have more then 1 those embryo's-according to their studies-don't often make babies).

Anyhow, now I have to wait till tomorrow. I might just go crazy between now and then. I'm not doing very good at bed rest. Jon took the lap top with him so I've been sitting at the computer for hours playing games and surfing the internet. I'm assuming as long as I'm sitting or laying still I'm fine. the only way I could lay in bed all day was with a laptop and a movie.

Now I guess I'll go recline on the couch and watch Dr. Who season 3. ok at first this movie was VERY cheesy but it grows on you I promise. It's filmed in england so they all have lovely accents. :)

wanted to add I got my TSH level's a 1.07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy! I still need to find an endocrinologist but at least I don't have to feel rushed now!


KE II said...

I'm a cycle buddy with you! I am also going absolutely stir crazy while trying to "bed rest"! I've been sitting at the computer too, so I don't feel so bad now I see you are too. Praying this waiting waiting waiting passes quickly for us both.

MamaSoon said...

Hey there! Good luck during the wait. I was more nervous during my first. By my second 2ww, I decided I would stay relaxed and enjoy the time because why choose to be stressed out and upset until the actual situation presents itself. You are 3dp2dt right? I didn't POAS til the morning of the beta. I'll be cheering you on. I wish you lots of luck and life in your womb.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your ET...normally they do put back the best looking embryos, so I'm sure you've got the best of the bunch in there right now! I hope they stick stick stick!!!

GOOD LUCK in the big 2WW!!!