Saturday, December 8, 2007

clean and clear

So Jon and I paid $200 today and used my only left vacation time this year to find out that my uterus is perfectly clear. Granted I'm glad we know but it's frustrating to know I had to fork up $200 that I couldn't afford right now and use my only vacation day (which I was using to go with the family next weekend). Oh well. At least we know.

Next month is my CCT. I'm sure that will show I"m normal too. Granted I'd love to be "normal" but I'd also like a stinking answer as to what my problem is!

I'm going to request PGD this cycle and if we can't do that I want Assisted Hatching and embryo glue. MY new RE wants to wait till IVF #2 with him (IVF #5 as a whole) but I don't' see the point in waiting. I may not have insurance after 4/1/07 and This is the last cycle I can really squeeze in before then. Either way I want embryo glue and I'd like Assisted hatching even if we had blasts to transfer (if they were not hatched already). I doubt I'll have enough embryos to do PGD but we'll see. Might as well give it a shot if it's covered.

Becasue we are doing the CCT (clomid challenge test) My IVF is pushed back till Feb. I will start BCP mid January and stims in Feb. If I was doing my stims in January I could fit another cycle in before April. Oh well. Lets just hope #4 is the charm.

RE said to abstain this month due to hsyteroscopy but I have not even ovulated yet so It won't effect a pregnancy. Besides my eggs are crap with out being triggered so the chances of me getting pregnant on my own are about 1%. But hey I'll take 1%.


M said...

I had a sonohystogram, but not a hysteroscopy. Do they both give the same information? Glad you got a good report.

When do you find out about insurance? How aweful to not know what's going on.

So have you decided for sure to leave your old RE and go to this one?

M said...

Yah, that is strange that you were charged for that when you normally never are. Glad to hear you are following up on that.

Despite the billing error, it sounds like your new doctor will be quite an upgrade from your last!!

Jennifer said...

It's good you had the procedure just to make sure there were no issues - I'm glad it all looks great in there!

Sounds to me like you are really liking your new RE and that he's willing to work with you more than your old RE!

We considered PGD, but haven't forked out the extra cash for it yet - if we have to do another fresh cycle after these frozen guys are gone, we'll probably opt for PGD too.