Monday, December 24, 2007

A new cycle has begun

Well I got AF yesterday. She came just as I expected. I always have a 9 day LP with out progesterone support. My ovulation on my own is so weak and crappy.

I go in on 12/26 for blood work. I'll be CD 4 but that is ok. I started AF mid day yesterday so it will be pretty close to being CD 3. I start the Clomid for the CCT on 12/27 and go in on 12/2 for my blood work to see what my FSH level is.

My AF this time is heavier and steadier. I'm hoping that means the antibiotics are working. One of the signs of Endometritis/bacterial infection is light periods. My doctors never sounded concerned that my periods were 1-2 days and very light. *rolls eyes*

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Jennifer said...

Congrats on starting a new cycle! I hope that cd3/4 b/w looks great!!!