Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More consults

I set up a consult with Dr. Fisch with SRIM Las Vagas. SIRM NY is closer but Dr. Sher doesn't do free phone consults and they refuse to charge it to insurance. Besides I like how Dr. Fisch responded to my post on the forums. I'm excited to talk to him and learn more about the protocol he suggested.

I wish I could get my husband to agree on CCRM. Unfortunately he thinks that traveling for an IVF is silly. He'd do it if they could guarantee a pregnancy but we all know that is NOT possible.

I have a second consult with DR. hill (the local RE) on Friday. I want to talk to him about different protocols he'd be willing to try. I'm hoping I have my records from BIVF by then. It will give him a better idea of how my cycles went. I am concerned about his approach which is why I want to talk to him in detail.

I'm glad I'm doing the Clomid challenge test but I'm not at the same time. If I was sticking with BIVF I'd be starting the BCP for IVF #4 when I get AF again. Oh well...1 more month off would be good emotionally and it will be nice to know if I pass the Clomid challenge test. :)

My bloat is finally gone. I'm back down to my normal weight. I was up 5 lbs! I'm MUCH more comfortable now.

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M said...

That's great! When is your consult? You are smart to ask about protocols from different doctors.