Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Consult #1

Jon and I met with Dr. Hill today. (Fertility centers of new england). Jon and I both liked him. After our consult Jon told me he never liked Dr. Bayer and he likes Dr. Hill. He feels as though Dr. Hill cares about us and really wants to find out what is wrong. So here is the plan:

This Friday I go to the Portsmouth Hospital and Dr. Hill will do a hysteroscopy . He was VERY nice and said that he will give me general anesthesia so I won't feel any pain. His exact words were "you've been through enough." Most people are awake for the procedure (it's similar to an embryo transfer). The only draw back is I won't be able to go back to work after because of the anesthesia and can't be left alone. Jon can't get out of work so I'm not sure what we will do yet. YIKES!!

Then next month he wants to do the clomid challenge test this basically helps determine the "quality" of my eggs and my reserve. If the FSH is to high on day 3 (or day 10) it means I could have diminished ovarian reserve

On one hand I could REALLY use an emotional and physical break from these IVF treatments. So on that hand I'm glad I have to have these tests done (not to mention they will give him a better idea of why we are not pregnant)

On the other hand I may lose my infertility coverage come April 1st. Which means this could be the last cycle under my insurance (Liberty mutual will cover $10k lifetime max. we' be lucky to get 1 cycle MAYBE 2 -doubt it- out of that) so there is still hope I guess. BUT because of the possible change in insurance I feel pressured (by myself) to cycle again right away. I know it's best to get the tests done.

Also, I know the chances are slim to none of getting pregnant on our own but I wanted to at least try own our own. However we can't try if we are getting this hysteroscopy done. I mean my chances are slim on my own because my follicles get WAY to big before they ovulate an egg. If the egg gets to big it gets to be bad quality. SO my chances of conceiving on my own are very very slim.

Well I'm exhausted and hungry so I guess I will go get something to eat and try to not think about this any more.

The one draw back is he does 2 day transfers because he is a believer that they are better off in the uterus. If I only had 2 embryo's to chose from then yes put them back sooner. But if I have 3 or more then I'd rather go to day 3 or 5. With IVF #1 & IVF #3 I had 3 embryos on day 2 but by day 3 I only had 2. It just makes me weary.

I'm ready for this to be done. I'm sick of doing IVF's. I feel like giving up. I just want a baby. To bad it can take years to get a baby through adoption. :(

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M said...

I've never heard of a hysteroscopy before. It's great he's covering all bases. Good to do CCT, too.

It's hard to keep pressing forward, isn't it. I am tired of it too. In a way I am enjoying not having a chance at getting pregnant the next 2 months. It forces me to think more productive thoughts.