Saturday, December 22, 2007

You have GOT to be kidding me!

There is a girl on FF who thinks the NuvaRing will make her more fertile because she got pregnant when she was on it at the age of 18. She is now 22 yo. Her doctor put her on the NuvaRing again to help her get pregnant. Her charts indicate PCOS but she claims she doesn't have it. Yet she can go 7 months with out getting her period. UM...ok yeah that is totally normal.
My post:

to the OP It is rediculous that your doctor put you on BC to TTC. BC does not get you pregnant nor does it make you fertile.

NuvaRing® contains two types of hormones, estrogen and progestin (just like the pill), that prevent your ovaries from producing mature eggs.

It is extremely unlikely that you will ovulate on the nuva ring. The fact that you got pregnant on it in the first place is nothing but a complete miracle. Your temps don't indicate ovulation. The reason they are probably spiking is because the NuvaRing has progesterone in it and progesterone causes high temps.

Kara-Your temps also don't indicate ovulation. FF may put lines on your chart but don't always trust what FF says. Your temp dipped so my guess is you have not ovulated yet. I'm thinking FF will take way your lines in a day or so or give you new ones.

Sorry if my post sounds harsh. If it's offensive please let me know and I will delete my post. I hate to say it but it sounds like your doctor is wasting your time. Have you tried clomid yet? Your charts appear as though you have PCOS?

Her reply:

Hvnst2: I appreciate you opinion, but you do not know the situation. I have already gotten pregnant on the NR once, and have a beatiful 4 year old to prove it. My temps, if you look, have been 100% erratic before I got on the NR. I had a progesterone test today proving that I did indeed ovulate. My CNM called me with the restults an hour ago. My Prog. at the beginning of my cycle was normal for Pre-O and it is now above 50. I have low progesterone due to weight as it is. I dont not have PCOS, which was the original assumtion I made. That was proven incorrect - perfect ovaries ZERO cysts... yay! My CNM is not wasting anything as I've already been TTC for four years.

I know several women of "size" that have gotten pregnant on the NR. It does not work to prevent pregnancy if you're weight is a certain amout out of the "normal" range for your height, says so on the foil pouch and the instructions.

Your post doesnt seem harsh, a little unsupportive but I can understand why. Most people frown at BC to achieve pregnancy, but it's been done before. A lot of docs put women on BC to regulate cycles. Granted, once off the BC they are right back to where they were... but we're hoping that this isnt the case w/me.

Obviously it's working since my progesterone shows I've ovualted. If i am not pregnant this cycle, we're going to do u/s next cycle to check follies and see where we're at with that.

Clomid is usually not Rx'd for over weight women as it has a tendancy to cause weight gain, and lots of it. It may be the next step, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. As of now, NR is doing what it did before and I'll let you know when I'm pregnant.

Merry Christmas & God bless.

My reply:
Well good luck. I certainly hope you prove me wrong. I guess you can't blame me for feeling the way I do. It just seems silly to go on BC to achieve pregnancy. I've never ever heard of that being done before (besides being put on the BCP to suppress my ovaries for IVF).

I wish you all the luck in the world and will look for your BFP announcement but no need to pm me or anything.

I have never been this annoyed in my life. This annoys me more then Brittany spears 16 yo sister getting knocked up.

Am I off base here? How on earth can someone be stupid enough to think that BC helps you get pregnant? The NuvaRing has estrogen and progesterone in it for goodness sakes. You'd be lucky to ovulate and if you get pregnant it is a miracle.

Just as the pain subsided. Just when I finally got myself back. Right when I was finally feeling happy again. I have to go read a post like that. All it does is bring back all the pain. All I want to do is just go cry. Why did I have to read that post? Why couldn't I just stick to my IVF recyclers forum? I try to be a nice person and go on the other boards and respond to posts with helpful information. Occasionally I stumble upon a post like the aforementioned.

Now my question is this: How long will it take for this pain to go away again?

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