Friday, December 14, 2007

The results are in

I had my follow up appointment with my new RE today. When we did the Hystersocopy he also took a piece of my uterine lining so he could do a biopsy. As I stated in an earlier entry the hysteroscopy showed that everything looked fine. However my biopsy results showed I have Chronic Endometritis (NOT to be confused with Endometriosis!)

If you read the definition of Chronic You'll read that it means it can often come back. My RE said it can be treated with an antibiotic. Jon and I will take it for 10 days. I have taken this before when I had Ureaplasma. It's discusting and makes me feel ill. Funny thing is it's also prescribed for Acne.

Anyhow, Endometritis makes it very hard for implantation to happen and if it does the pregnancy will more then likely end before you even get a positive pregnancy test (also known as a biochemical pregnancy) I'll take the antibiotics then be retested after 10 days. :)

What's funny is my first doctor attempted to do an endometrial biopsy (biopsy of my lining) when I first seeked fertility treatments but they couldn't get into my uterus due to my bent cervix (anteverted uterus) Once they figured out that they could do it (by bending the catheter) she opted to not bother to do the test. MY IVF doctor also said I didn't need one...even though I asked a few times. I swear if this goes away and I get pregnant I'll be happy but very mad that these doctors wasted my time. Not to mention all the emotional stress I've gone through. This is a very simple procedure! GRRRRRRRR!!!

I'm glad they found a problem but man does it make me mad that they didn't do what I wanted. I 'm tempted to write a letter to them. However I want to see if it "fixes" my infertility first.

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