Friday, December 14, 2007

Snowed in

We got a snow storm yesterday. Yesterday morning in a meeting my boss pretty much told us that we live in new england and we need to suck it up LOL. Where she does have a valid point my concern is not my driving it's how other people drive. They literally drive up to your bumper, cut you off, think they rule the road because they have a 4x4. SO instead of going home at 1:00 like my gut was telling me to I put my big girl pants on and stayed at work. Needless to say traffic was so bad there was no way for me to leave work. Not unless I wanted to be sitting in traffic for 4+ hours. It literally took my co worker 1 hour to get from the ON RAMP to the actual beginning of the interstate. Yes you heard me right. That is about 50 feet give or take. IT took her 15 minutes just to get through a traffic light. Needless to say I was stuck here. TO make a LONG story short I got home at 7:30 last night. My back hurts from me being so tense in the car. I am scared to death of driving in the snow. "why do you live in New england" you ask? The only thing that keeps me here is...well my love for new england, but more importantly my family. I would be completely miserable if I was away from my family. We are 5 minutes from my in laws and I LOVE it. I'm 2 hours away from my mom and that is far enough. I'd prefer to live 5 minutes from her too. :)

Anyhow, I'm glad it's over and I"m glad this weekends storm is coming over the weekend. I can't wait till I can be a SAHM. That way I can hibernate in the wintertime (with the exception of carting any potential kids around town)

On another note. My insurance nightmare continues to get worse.

FYI-I am grateful to have insurance so please don't let my diary entry make people think I'm not. It's like me expecting someone that is pregnant to not complain about m/s . (which I would never do BTW)

so I got the $5,500 bill in the mail the other day. It's from my IVF clinic and it's only for a portion of my first IVF (I've been through 3). After MANY phone calls (close to 11) I found out that for some reason Anthem's billing (or what ever) is out of California and they have different billing codes so they don't recognize ours. They paid part of the bill but not all of it. (Denied my claim). SO I have to battle this thing out. Not only do I have the insurance but I have a letter stating exactly what I have for coverage. I also am going to have my IVF clinic fax me copies of the approval from Anthem (they have to "approve" my IVF before I'm able to do it) and when I say approve it means they say "yes she has coverage and here is the coverage she has."

So they tell me the billing code is wrong but they won't tell me nor my doctors office what codes we have to use. (stupid huh?) Needless to say I emailed my Anthem rep (the guy that sold my company the plan) and explained this to him and asked who I needed to call because I wasn't getting any where with the people I called (the number on the back of my card) I'm still waiting a response. And I"m sure I can look forward to getting 2 more of these bills. *sigh*

Anyhow, that's my story. Hopefully it won't take me long to get them to pay.

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M said...

Oh no! I hope your rep comes through for you. That doesn't make sense. I'm sure everything will be fine, but what a pain they make you jump through so many hoops.

Good luck with your appointment today. Update us when you can!