Thursday, February 21, 2008

4 days of stims

Well had my b/w and u/s this morning and I’m trying to stay positive and calm but it’s hard. The u/s tech says they don’t measure anything under 10 and as far as I’m concerned anything under 10 does not matter to me because they are not all guaranteed to become eggs. Anyhow, I had 3 11mm follies. Part of me wants to scream. “I told you!! I told you I needed a MUCH higher dosage! I told you my body was not responding as well as it did over a year ago when I did IUI’s!!!” But the other part of me is telling myself, “relax, you are stimming slower, this is good, there is still time for your dosage to be increased, calm down it will be ok”

So that is my update. I’ll get my b/w results early afternoon. Usually my E2 doesn’t match my follie numbers. My E2 has always been over 4-500 by day 2-4 of stims and the only cycle it wasn’t I was over supressed and got 3 follies/eggs.

The u/s tech this morning asked how I was doing and what kind of cycle so I replied “I’m ok, and I’m doing IVF”. She said “just ok, no bloating cramping etc” I said “no just normal ovary twitching, I don’t usually bloat since I don’t get a lot of eggs” “ well that’s good” she replied.

When she was done she continued to talk to me and at the end said “well you don’t seem to excited about anything today” I wanted to say “well no crap, you do this 4 times and tell me you are freaking excited”

Ok vent over. I’ll update when I get my instructions and if he doesn’t up my dosage I’m calling my nurse (Jessica-who is awesome btw) and telling her I want it increased. Essentially I want it increased to 300iu…that is what my old RE was going to put me on…same exact protocol but 300iu of gonal F. Maybe for me starting off on a lower dosage was the way to go, who knows…but I’m still nervous. Trying to stay calm… this could go 1 of 2 ways…in 2 days I could have 3 14+mm follicles OR I could have a lot more follies all around 11-13mm.


E2 was 257-1/2 as high as it usually is. Either I'm stimming slower or I'm not recruiting nearly as many follicles as I have in the past.


Increase gonal F dosage to 150 & continue 1 vial of repronex for 2 days. (total 225iu FSH & 75Iu LH daily) I get to go back on Saturday for b/w and u/s. Yet another Saturday of getting up at 6 am. :( RE will measure my E2 and LH at my next visit and I might start cetrotide.


M said...

I bet you get at least a few more follies past 10 by Saturday. Since your 3 11mm ones are just barely over the 10 threshold, seems like a pretty reasonable bet, don't you think. Good luck! Keep us posted.

M said...

Been thinking of you today. Update us when you can :)