Saturday, February 2, 2008

10 days and counting

10 more days till I take my last BCP. 2 more days till I get my TSH checked (on Monday). I have to admit I'm getting nervous at this point because I can't stop the BCP until my ins company approves my IVF cycle. I called them and they said they had "nothing" from my doctors office. They also said they didn't have record that they approved my cycle with Boston IVF. (which they certainly did) so now I'm wondering if I should call Boston and get the approval number so I can call and prove to them that they approved it. The kicker is they don't know I switched clinics. I just told them I was taking a break and I'd call when I was ready. If I call I'll have to tell them I switched and to be honest I don't want to deal with it. Either that or I can sit back a few more days and pray that they approve it. I really don't want my IVF pushed back. I might lose my IF coverage on 4/1. if I have to wait another cycle I may not complete it in time.

I am very greatful to have insurance coverage for my IVF's but my word are they a pain in the butt. They STILL have not paid for all of my second IVF. My second IVF I didn't have anything to transfer so they billing code was different. They don't "recognize" the code and said "it's not a coverable code" yet I do have the coverage. So I have a $5,500 bill. Luckily Boston IVF says this happens a lot with Anthem (blue cross blue shield) and they won't send it to collections. What a pain! Also my infertility coverage is "out of the box" it's not something that Anthem typically offers so I had to get a letter sent to me with my coverage and prove to them I actually had IVF coverage. *sigh*.

Ok back to this IVF. I'm annoyed that my RE wouldn't process my approval until DH had his SA. I'm also annoyed that he didn't tell me that to begin with because we canceled his first SA and had to wait 3 weeks to get another one. GRRRRRRR. His rational was that he wanted to know if we were doing ICSI so he could have the exact protocol to send to the Anthem for approval. But when he gets my husbands SA results he says it's "ok" but we are doing ICSI anyway due to the fact that I've had poor fertilization with ICSI in the past so he doesn't want to risk natural fertilization being worse. MY WORD...Then why did we do an SA to begin with????

Ok vent over. I've accepted the fact that all doctors have their quirks.

Well 10 days and counting. I'll feel better when I get the insurance approval. I don't' know why I'm scared they haven't failed me yet (all 3 of my IVF's were approved easily but I'm not sure how long it took).


Jennifer said...

10 days is so close! The countdown begins...good luck!

M said...

True, ALL doctors have their quirks :) I'm sure your approval will come through soon.

YAY! Just a little over a week! Getting very close!!!!