Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shots in the butt

I had to do my HCG shot (10,000 units) in the butt last night. I used the IM needle (25G 1 1/2") I couldn't possibly get the needle in all the way. I tried but at one point it hurt. I think I got it 1/2 to 3/4 of the way in. My nurse said I should be fine. She also said I had to have someone help me with the PIO shots because the needle has got to go in all the way.

SO someone that has a butt twice as large as mine has to use the same size needle? Where on earth is the logic in that? How can I be sure that the 1 1/2" needle is the right size?

My husband HATES needles but said he'd do it. Lovely, bend over honey it's time.

Why on earth is having a baby this hard? It's supposed to be easy. And my kid sure as heck will know what I went through to conceive him or her. I've about HAD it with these shots. Just as my belly feel better my butt is sore. I don't think I'm going to be able to sit if the PIO shots hurt as much as the HCG shot did. I'm still sore today but that could be because it's an HCG shot.

I sure as heck hope I didn't mess up my HCG shot. All the other IVF's have been in my belly so I should be fine right?


Susan said...

Hi! So sorry to hear about the trouble with the Hcg shot. A very petite friend of mine did actually go to a shorter needle for the PIO shots, so it IS possible.

So, today is the big day (ER)? Best wishes for you to have many healthy eggs! I look forward to hearing the good news. Take care.

M said...

Good Luck! Good Luck! Good Luck tomorrow morning!!! Update us when you can :)