Saturday, February 23, 2008

6 days of stims

U/s this morning showed:
R: 4@11mm, 1@12mm
L: 2@10mm
Lining 12.4 triple layer!

My b/w came back:

E2 833
LH 1.3
TSH I will get back in a few days.

Instructions: increase dosage: 150 Gonal F, 2 vial Repronex (total FSH=300iu total LH =150iu)

Originally they were having me go in on Tuesday for my b/w and u/s (that would be after 9 days of stims) but I called my RE later and told him I was nervous so he is bringing me in on Monday.

I HATE the Repronex...It stinks and gives me HUGE sore red welts on my belly. :( Not to mention they give me HUGE red welts and it BURNS! If I inject it slowly it doesn't hurt to much. The nurse also said to let it sit out for 15 minutes and that should minimize the red welting. I'm up to 3 shots a day now.

I asked my RE and he said they freeze embryo's on day 1, 3 or 5. What day they freeze them depends on the embryo quality I guess. of course I don't expect to have any to freeze but oh man would it be nice to do FET's if this IVF doesn't work!

I'm trying not to count my chickens before they hatch but I really think I'll stim for at least 9-10 days this time!! And I'm so excited he increased my dosage. Here is what I think (and I could be way off base here)

either my body is getting used to the drugs OR the increase in dosage has helped recruit more follies, vs keeping me at the same dosage (which my last RE always did-or lowered it) and having the already growing follies suck up all the FSH and continue to grow.

not sure if that makes sense but I really think the steady increase of meds is helping to recruit more. Either that or my body likes the repronex. I hate the welts though!!

This was a very quick update because DH is waiting for me to finish a movie with him. :)


M said...

FANTASTIC!!!! I am SO EXCITED for you!!!! Congratulations on a great cycle!!

M said...

Awesome! I cannot believe the difference in your response this time. (follies & triple stripe) I bet you want to give your RE a big hug!