Monday, February 25, 2008

8 days of stims

LH they didn't measure and I'm VERY nervous!!!
-I'm not on anything to keep me from ovulating...the nurse said they push people this far all the time...Please tell me this is normal..I"m so afraid I'll surge on my own!

Lining = 11.8 A different tech did it this time so I'm sure that is why it is "thinner" then Saturday. Also no one ever told me it was triple but I looked at the screen Saturday and there was 3 distinct lines so I'm pretty sure it is.

Left: 1@16, 2@15
Right: 1@17, 2@16, 4@15, 2@13

Oh my word I am in SHOCK!!! I feel like I'm going to wake up from a dream soon!!!

I am just over the moon right now! Even if I don't get a BFP I'll be so so so so so happy if I get some to freeze!!!

If I do have 12 follies My E2 should be around 2,400 at trigger right? shouldn't it be around 200+ per mature follicle?

My next u/s and b/w is tomorrow!

I can't even believe this is happening...I almost feel fertile.

I had called & the nurse wasn't totally sure of my instructions so she read what she saw:

same dosages: 150 Gonal F, 2 vials of Repronex (300iu FSH & 150iu LH)

Ok so if LH makes me surge what on earth is stopping me if I'm pumping my body full of LH?


Re changed his mind. I take my meds tonight along with cetrotide. I trigger tomorrow but not sure what time yet. They said retrievals are in the some time very early Thursday morning.

I'm so nervous that my E2 is to low. I'm sure it will go up between today and more b/w or ultrasounds. :(

I'm so nervous...this is going to smoothly...something's got to go wrong somewhere along the way right?


M said...

AMY!!!!! 12 eggs???!!! :) :) :) That is SO AWESOME! I am really excited for you. This RE actually knows what he is doing! How refreshing! :) . . . I am really happy for you. I will be praying for you.

M said...

yes, I wonder if he'll reevaluate the day of transfer since you have so many more eggs now. Either way, I am betting you will have an excellent result this time!! Everythings seems to be falling into place :) I am really, really excited for you!!!!!!!!! If it's decided to do a 2dt how many embies go back in? Three? And, what day do they freeze?

Rebecca said...

Positive thoughts only! I hated it when they changed my meds at the last minute, but I guess they know what they're doing, right? Everything sounds like it's going great...this is really happening for you! You are almost fertile!