Monday, February 18, 2008

IVF nightmares

So I feel more relaxed and have a "what ever" attitude when it comes to this IVF. However that doesn't stop me from having TONS of questions for my RE: Don't I need to be on a suppression like Ganerellix when I start the LH? (right now I'm on no suppression-as I was on the BCP not Lupron) and they told me to start the LH on Tuesday night. I'm thinking I should be on Ganerellix at the same time. Too much LH can be a bad thing so I'd like my own bodies hormones suppressed. not to mention doing Ganerellix earlier could potentially help me stim a day or two longer. I'm not doctor but this is my 4th IVF and my 7th time on these drugs so yes I know my body!

I also had a nightmare last night that my IVF was canceled due to no response. *sigh* so it appears deep down inside I'm scared to death. But I will not admit it. I refuse to give in to my fear. All I need is 2 great quality embryo's for a 2dt. I don't need a ton of follicles. Essentially all I really need is 5-6. I have a crappy fertilization rate with ICSI so if I have 5-6 eggs I'm guaranteed to have at least 2-3 embryo's to chose from.

I was going to work today. I can either take the day off paid today or work and take the day off paid later this year. I was going to work today and use the day off for my IVF but oh well. I decided to stay home. I may regret it later but I decided to not live my life around my IVF. I'll use a sick day for my retrieval and save my vacation time. I may end up working the day of my transfer. Sitting home on my butt won't help me get pregnant. I know some woman like bed rest but #1 I don't want to use a vacation or sick day for my IVF if not needed and #2 I really don't think it helps pregnancy rates. And #3 it's a 2dt not a 5dt so bed rest is not as relevant for me as it might be for a 5dt.

ok I'm going to try to go back to bed now.

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M said...

I am so glad you took the day off to enjoy yourself and relax!

Maybe you can ask to speak with your RE before you begin your meds. Even if he doesn't change anything, it'd give him a chance to explain his reasons, which would help you feel better during the process.

I hope you enjoy your day!!