Thursday, February 28, 2008

We got 12!

12 Eggs retrieved! The next hurdle is finding out how many were mature and how many fertilized (immature eggs they don't fertilize, they do keep an eye on them and try to mature them in the lab but most of the time they don't even attempt to fertilize immature eggs) I've never had a problem with immature eggs but the most I've had retrieved was 7 so we'll see.

We are doing a 2 day transfer (Saturday at 8 am) either way. In the past my embryo's have been fine on day 2 (4 cells-which is right where they should be) but by day 3 the cell growth slows down (by day 3 they should be around 8 cells) Mine were almost always only 5 cells on day 3. It's obvious that my embryo's don't like the lab. Either that or they stink. Needless to say my Re is not taking any chances. In the studies they have done they have shown that pushing till day 3 doesn't increase success rates for them. They almost always do 2 day transfers. I did talk to the embryologist about the fact that the embryo is in the tube till around day 4 but she said the uterus is just as good as an environment as the tube. In fact she says there really is no difference accept for the fact that it floats around in the uterus for a few days.

My RE also wants me on strict bed rest for 3 days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) that means in a reclining/laying down position. It sounds stupid but they have done studies that show it increases their success/implantation rates. I personally think it's silly but I'm going to abide by my doctors orders. Jon is adamant that we follow doctors orders. He has done lots of studies and seems to know what he is doing so I have to trust him.

Tomorrow after 10:30 I can call for an update. They tried to explain their grading score but it's very complicated. They said it goes up to 7 but can go up to 12 (higher the number better the quality) regardless they said there will be an embryologist there for my transfer along with my RE to answer any and all of my questions. They do their grading based on how the cells divide. Essentially, they have found, that cells that divide evenly (meaning the cells are the same size, not some small and some large) have high implantation rates regardless of what day they are transferred (they have done studies where they number the embryo's on day 1/2 and follow them through day 5 to prove the theory. They also look to see how many nucleus is in each cell. Each cell is only supposed to have 1 nucleus but in some cases each cell will have more then 1. Again, their studies have shown that even cells with 1 nucleus have better implantation rates.

Ok off to rest now. I'm supposed to be resting today.


M said...

I am THRILLED for you!!!!! You got 4 times more eggs with this cycle!!! Girl, that is AWESOME!!!! You rest up and let us know when you hear the good news tomorrow :) (What day do they freeze your spare embies?)

Amy said...

Freezing depends on egg quality. If they are good quality they freeze them on day 2. If they are not to good the push to day 3, then maybe day 5 for freezing.

Jennifer said...

WOW - A DOZEN BEAUTIES!!! Wonderful news...just wonderful...I'm so happy for you!

How many are you putting back - 2, 3, 4? :)

Mr. & Mrs. M@sk said...

Wow what a fantastic result!