Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time for a change

I can't stand my job any more. I thought I'd like the way they designed my new "position" (didn't have a choice in the matter either) Well I don't. I realized I'm doing a LOT more work and I don't think I'm going to make nearly as much as I did last year. It's hard to estimate since I'm commissioned. It's hard to say really. I could end up making just as much. I guess the biggest issue is I just don't like my job. I haven't for a long time. I want out of sales.

I've been searching and have found 2 jobs I am interested in. 1 I'm VERY interested in and I "qualify" it pays about $10k less per year then I make right now but it would be worth it. Only problem? It doesn't tell you the name of the company and uses a yahoo email address and a P.O box for resume's. I highly doubt it's my company but what if it was? Again I very highly doubt it but I'm not sure if I can take that chance. I know the chances of that are slim since my company is firing people not hiring but you never know. They are quite sneaky like that too.

I guess it doesn't matter much since I need my health insurance through March for my IVF. *sigh*


Jennifer said...

Sorry you can't change jobs yet, but IVF coverage is well worth the frustration, since those procedures are soooo expensive!

Maybe that job posting with the yahoo email address is from a head-hunter or placement agency (not the hiring company itself).

Jennifer said...

I got your message - and you sound so sad and down right now. I'm sorry you have to deal with a job you hate in order to do IVF...is it possible you can at least interview for new jobs and find out what type of coverage they have before accepting (and find out if they have any type of healthy coverage waiting period too)? I hope you feel better about things soon and that you job goes easy on ya!((hug))

M said...

I'm sorry! The last thing you need right now is job stress in addition to all the ivf stress. What a pain!

I can see that job application could be a little bit risky. Is there anyone you could ask in HR that could let you know if they posted?