Friday, January 4, 2008


My TSH came back at 5.85! No wonder I have been feeling like crap!! I'm being put on Levoxyl and will get my TSH rechecked in a month. I wonder if he should test my T4 and T3. It kind of frustrates me that he didn't test everything. he didn't even check for Thyroid antibodies. Although my old RE checked for it in March and I was told it was fine.

Should I push for the T4 and T3 testing? A co worker of mine that has had thyroid issues for a LONG time says it's not necessary.


M said...

Yes. It is important to check the 'free t4' and 'TPO antibodies' (TPO is also called 'antimicrosomal antibodies.') Even though it will not change your treatment, any good endocrinologist would want to know what exactly is causing this imbalance and how severe your body's reaction to it is.

Before any treatment my TSH was a little high but my free t4 was normal at 1.09(normal range .77-1.8). That is why my body wasn't showing any obvious signs of hypothyroidism.=Normal periods, normal weight, etc. If your freeT4comes up under .77 you know your body is facing a shortage of t4 which really throws off your metabolism and your cycles!!

Also, before treatment my TPO antibodies were 16. That means my body is producing antibodies which attack my thyroid. This means I have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism--and not one of the several other kinds of hypothyroidism. Now my antibodies are down to 3. Much healthier.

My endocrinologist regularly does a physical throat exam to check for nodules, and every time checks free t4 and TSH. Every other time he checks antibody level and freeT3.

From my experience, I'd recommend finding a good endocrinologist ASAP.

M said...

I was referred to my endocrinologist BY my RE!! You need a totally different doctor for that. The endo needs to check for nodules in your thyroid, run tests, and keep tract of you long after you are done having babies. Of course after the babies you will only need to get a blood test once a year. But during pregnancy you'll need to be checked every 8 weeks. Right now, you'll need testing every 4-8 wks until they get your dose right. Find an endocrinologist that specializes in thyroid disease.

Roan said...

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