Saturday, January 19, 2008

Schedule for IVF #4

Today is CD 1. AF found me last night. Shocker...

Start BCP tomorrow. Take till Feb 13th. (need to take at least 21 days and have to stop on a Wednesday-stupid to make me go that long but oh well).

Call on Feb 11 to see if ins approval has gone through (they refuse to submit it until DH has his SA on 1/23. I told them my ins will approve ICSI with out a new SA but they don't care. *rolls eyes*. What ever. Anyhow, I got in on 2/16. I'm assuming it's for blood work and an u/s? I really don't know since I may be just getting AF by then.

I stim for about 8-9 days (9 if I'm lucky) so depending on what day I start my period and what dayIi start stims I should have ER around 2/28. My Re does only 2 day transfers so ET will be 2 days after that. I'm still not sure how I feel about 2 day transfers but I'll trust him I guess.

Guess it doesn't matter if I get a ton of eggs this month. all I need is 2 on day 2. however having some to freeze would be great...only bad side is my ins said they don't cover the freezing...everything but freezing LOL

Still scared to start this process for the 4th time. Oh man do I wish I could just do an FET. How nice that would be. It (to me) would be so much less stress then this entire procedure for a 4th fresh cycle. *sigh*

Yeah so I'm really starting to doubt the words "it will happen soon". Um...what I being punished or something? Why hasn't it happened yet? It's been MONTHS since I've gotten that blessing and I won't get pregnant on the BCP..I mean COME ON! PULEEEEEEESSSS

O.K rant over.


M said...

Interesting that RE does 2 day transfers. That will be nice to get your embies back home so soon!

M said...

Since you've already tried the 3dt, 2dt could just be the ticket for you. Oh, yes, I do think that is a good idea to stay on the antibiotics. That will only help you. I am sure your doctor will comply with that.
When do you get your tsh checked again? I am so glad you started your meds for that. . . It's amazing how many things this new doctor has found for you so far. I know insurance sounds like a pain, but other than that BRAVO to him!!! I think you have A LOT to be optomistic about with this cycle!!! Glad you got to start the process today.

Jennifer said...

I took 3 weeks bcp's for my last 2 cycles too...I really don't like those little pills.

Great news on starting though...2/28 will be here before you know it!

I had to pay for freezing too (700) - wasn't covered by ins.

Fingers crossed for you!!!

Runa said...

Good for people to know.