Thursday, January 3, 2008

I can't do this again

I just don't know if I can do this a 4th time. I'm sick and tired of feeling like a test subject. Nothing in my life is sacred any more. I'm angry because I have not gotten my test results back. I called (it's 3:45pm) and she said the doctor hasn't reviewed it and they will call me. GRRR. One thing I have to say is Boston IVF was very very prompt with my test results. They always called before 3:00 and when they didn't I could call my nurse and get them. The receptionist "Shannon" at my new clinic is a little rude. She just doesn't have an overly friendly voice and it ticks me off. How can you deal with hormonal woman all day and NOT have someone nice on the phone?

I'm angry. Angry that I have to do this again. Angry that getting pregnant is so easy for some. I rescheduled DH's SA for 1/23 since he had forgotten what time his appointment was yesterday. He was there with me at 7:30 and they wouldn't let him do it (his appointment was at noon.) My doctor said I might have to hold off because they can't get an approval with out an SA. I assured him that he CAN get an approval. I never had an issue with Boston IVF.

I called my ins company to see if the approval BIVF got could be transfered and she said she didn't see an authorization and wouldn't even give me a hypothetical answer. OH PLEASE! Just tell me if the auth can be transfered. Either it can or it can't. I was about ready to put my hand through the phone and smack her.

It doesn't help that it's been a bad day at work. I hate political season. They are NOT fun people to deal with. They all expect you to bend rules and deadlines. It's like jumping through hoops.

I'll update my blog when I get my test results back.

I can't believe I'm doing IVF a 4th time.

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M said...

Wow. They really keep you waiting, don't they.

Reminds me of waiting for my HCG after the ivf. I didn't get a return phone call until 5:15. Every minute felt like an eternity. I'm sorry. You should hear from him soon. Update us when you do.

**If for any reason you don't hear from him and it gets too close to 5:00, I'd call and insist to talk to nurse.