Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Protocol for IVF #4

I met with my RE today. Here is my protocol:

BCP 1/20 - 2/13. Go in on 2/16 for blood work and u/s. If no AF I still go in and get it done.
Start stims on CD 2 or 2/16 if my b/w comes back ok.

He is lowering my dosage back to 15o (I was on 225 last time and had 9 follicles but only 3 eggs retrieved) I'm very nervous about the dosage specially since I only had 3 follies on 100mg of clomid. he said that concerned him a bit (I had 3 follies on 50mg back in 2005 so my response is getting worse).

I will ad ganerellix when my lead follie is 14mm (done this protocol twice) and start repronex when he tells me to.

I asked him to give me more antibiotics even though my biopsy came back clean so he wrote me a prescription for another weeks worth. He said on CD 2 DH and I take a very large dosage (1000mg) of zithromax (spelling?).

I have decided to just try to trust my RE and not second guess him. He is trying to get me to stim longer (I stim to quickly) but I'm afraid the 150iu (which I was on for all my IUI's and IVF #1) won't give me a lot of follicles. I mean for my IUI's I had about 6-8 follies on 150IU..same thing for IVF #1. For IVF #2 I was over supressed with lupron and only got 3. My last IVF I was on 225 IU gonal F and still only had 8-9 follicles. I'm very confused.

Oh there was one freak IUI cycle where I had 13 follies on 150iu. Man I wish that would happen again!!

I am also using PIO this time and a higher dosage of HCG. He thinks the ovidrel wasn't strong enough, hence my eggs not releasing from the follicle wall and only getting 3 out of 9.

He also says he can get a mature egg out of a 14mm follicle (based on all the cycles he's done over the years) so that makes me feel a little bit better too.

I'm nervous but oh well.

Today DH found out that he is being let go from his job as of 1/31. he is an intern and his boss is letting him go because his trainer doesn't like him. How freaking stupid is that??? We are both SOOOOO mad. The good thing is he has an interview next week to see if he can get a job in another department (a job for when he graduates) but we need the money now so now not only does he have to find a job for the semester but he has to send out his resume's for when he graduates. This company told him they wanted him for the position then she goes and lets him go. The thing is he is better at the job then the "trainer" is and she didn't like him because of it. Not to be prideful but my husband is a very ahrd worker and very good at what he does. He fixed things that the engineers (the IT people that deal with deep issues) couldn't fix. The fix they gave him didn't work but he found a way to fix it.

needless to say I'm very stressed right now and on top of it I have a talk to give on Sunday and I just found out my SIL and her husband just went inactive. Not a surprise as I did see this coming since they went to the temple together. Oh well...I'm sad for them but it's their decision to make. I have to say I saw this coming months ago.


M said...

Your RE sounds like he is really on top of his game! Isn't it nice to be able to trust your doctor?!

Your poor DH got a raw deal today! But, you can't keep a good guy down. :)

Your poor SIL's family!! That is too bad.

What is your talk on?

Jennifer said...

150iu...sounds like a good plan from your new RE!

My clinic upped thier requirements for HCG trigger too...they used to prescribe ovidrel, but as of the new year they're prescribing the 10,000 level shots instead (the ones you mix yourself). I think ovidrel was 5,000 or 7,500.

I'm sorry to hear about DH's job problems - I hope he finds a new gig soon!!!