Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh the pain

My RE refused to let me trigger this month. He said he wanted to "see" what my body did on it's own. Yet he only brought me in for an u/s on CD 12 and that was it. I told them ovulation is painful if left to ovulate on my own. It's happened once before and it was terrible. The pain brings me to my knees much like a bursting cyst. I also hurt for about 2 days after. It felt exactly like I had an egg retrieval. The same thing happened this month. I ovulated 2 days ago and I'm still in pain. I am so bloated my pants don't fit. (no weight gain though so that is good). This never happened until I started IVF's so I wonder what is wrong??? I suppose it could have been a cyst but I had a natural cycle before this on and I only get cysts after a medicated cycle so I'm confused and frustrated. I left a message with my new RE's nurse but I don't expect them to call me back. It's like people don't care. If I got to lay in bed all day it wouldn't be such a big deal. But I've got to work and I have to wear uncomfortable clothes.

Anyhow, It hurts so bad that I can't check my CP. (the day of O that is) I touched it and I wanted to cry. Needless to say there was NO way DH and I were going to be able to BD. We did about 2 days before ovulation so I'm pretty much out this cycle. Why do I even think that it could work? I guess because the words from my blessing rings in my ears "it will happen sooner then you think." I'm holding on tight to that but to be honest I'm having a hard time believing it. Clomid makes CM hostile for sperm so if they even survived 48-72 hours it would be a miracle. not to mention if the egg/embryo made a baby.

Oh well. I start the BCP with CD 2. Now lets just hope DH's SA goes fine and my insurance company approves the IVF quickly so I don't have to post pone my IVF. I'll be beyond angry if I have to post pone it.

Their rules are stupid. They don't have to wait to process the approval but they are. I hate it when doctors do that...when they treat you the same way they do everyone else. It ticks me off.

At least this RE did some tests and found some problems. So I really can't be THAT mad at him.


M said...

I hope you feel better SOON!

I don't understand why he doesn't do another u/s to see what's going on. Does he plan to do bloodwork?

Amy said...

He is going to to blood work on CD 3 I think. I'm also going to request and antral count. I meet with him on 1/23 but if I get AF before then (which I should) I'll talk to his nurse and tell her what I want.

M said...

Good idea to get AFC. I hope you also get free t4 done. I really wonder if a big problem for you has been your thyroid.--especially given that you aced your clomid challenge test. My endo (not my RE) gave me a 1/2 hour lecture in November about how a TSH out of range even slightly can mess with ovulation and produce poor quality eggs. He insisted TSH must be between 1 and 2. He upped my dose of Synthroid from 50 to 75 when my RE thought it was just fine. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I'm a believer now. I hope you find a "GOOD" endo who specializes in thyroid issues. You will still go to your RE, and I promise you he won't mind. I hope you at least consider scheduling something. It can take a long time to get an appt. with a good one.

I am glad you are finally getting all these pieces together!!! You have already made great progress this month!!

Amy said...

Out of curiosity how long ago did he up your dosage of thryoid meds to 75?

I guess I should make an appointment. I'm going to talk to my RE on th 23rd. I'll talk to him about additional testing then. I'll also mention going to someone else for my thryoid. :)

M said...

I tried to look in my blog for when my appt was, but I must not have written anything about it. I really didn't think much about it at the time, because I was convinced with all my other tests that I couldn't possibly have any egg quality issues.

My calendar shows Nov.20. That was actually my 1st appointment with him. (My last endo is in a different location now.)

TABI said...

Amy, I am so sorry you are in pain! It seems like your doctor should be able to check you earlier since you shouldn't have to feel this way! I really hope you feel better soon!

TABI said...

Amy, I am so sorry you are in pain! I posted a comment but seemed to disappear! I hope your doctor will cooperate more and see you sooner. I hope you feel better soon!!

M said...

I hope you are feeling better today. How are you?

Amy said...

I feel much better today. Just waiting for this cycle to be over so I can go on BCP for IVF. I'm hesitant to start but at the same time I want to get it over with!