Thursday, January 3, 2008


Well the good news is everything is "normal" the bad news is there still is no good reason why I'm not pregnant. I find it VERY VERY hard to believe all it would be is the bacterial infection.

here is a post I made in one of my FF buddy groups:

Got my results today. Everything was fine:

E2 848
progesterone 1
LH 11.4

She said they "didn't run" my TSH so she'd have to call them for it tomorrow. She also said anything under a 5.2 is "fine" Are you kidding me? She said if it's over a 4 they might put me on medication. I think I've decided to go see my OB to get further testing on my Thyroid. I really want to know if there is an issue there.

I only had 3 follicles on my u/s 2 at 17mm and 1 at 16mm. My lining was 8.2 (thin due to Clomid & no acupuncture)

The good news is my body is growing the follicles at a normal rate!!! this has never ever happened to me!!! I'm very excited! At this rate I should ovulate in 2-4 days. :)

Only thing is I wish I could trigger so I'd ovulate all 3. from my understanding I think you only ovulate 1 maybe 2 with a regular surge. Anyone know particulars on that?

I'm kind of upset I only have 3 follicles. In 2005 I had 3 and I was on 1/2 the dosage I am on now. For some reason my response to the fertility drugs has declined.

My last IVF I was on 225 and had 9 follicles (although only 3 eggs retrieved) for ALL my IUI cycles and my first IVF cycle I was on 150 and always got at least 6-8 follicles. Needless to say I'm confused and frustrated.

I'm still un certain as to whether I'm ready to do this again or not. I'll have a lot of thinking to do over the next few weeks.

I should find out my protocol soon. I was supposed to find it out today but I forgot to ask and she didn't tell me. I guess I have to set up a follow up consult with him.


M said...

Our FSH is almost the same. I was 6.2 on day 3 and 6.0 on day 10. I don't know what my e2 and lh and prog were though.

Why didn't they run TSH??? It'll be good to get that tomorrow.

So great all tests so far are A-OK!!

Jennifer said...

Great test results so far...I'm curious to see that TSH test result. I hope it's not high.

I think if you ovulate on your own, you'll probably only release 1 follie (possibly 2).

Good luck getting your new protocol!!!