Friday, November 9, 2007

6 days of stims

I had my u/s this morning. I have not gotten my E2 level yet but I will edit my post and add it when I get it (this afternoon). This morning my u/s showed I only have 9 follicles. I'm not happy that I only have 9 but I'm happy that they are growing more steady this time. They were all under 15mm. Most were only 12-13mm. :)

I'm really hoping I get a few more with in the next few days but I don't know. I'm also hoping my dr keeps me on the 225 (I see no reason he should lower it). I am baffled that I have only 9 and I'm on 225. I had 8 follicles with my 150. I'm just hoping these 9 are great quality. I'm hoping to have at least 70% fertilization. If that's the case and I end up with 10. that will give me 7 fertilized eggs. I really want to do a 5dt this time and I need 6 fertilized and to make it to day 3 in order to do that. If my fertilization stays at about 50% then I need a dozen eggs retrieved in order to get 6 to fertilize.

I'm analyzing this WAY to much. LOL I need to get back to work. I'm extremely exhausted today. I'm physically and emotionally drained. I have been VERY good about not having emotional out bursts this time too! I'm crabby but I'm trying very hard to stay calm.

I can't wait to go home. Tonight is date night and I think we will get something to take home to eat and curl up on the couch with a movie or two. Sometimes we hang out with my SIL & her husband but I think tonight will be Jon and I. :)

Edit. I just noticed that after 6 days of stims in IVF #1 my follicles were about the same size. I had a few that were over 16mm but most were under 15mm. So I guess I'm stiming at about the same rate? Who knows...feels like I'm stiming more steady this time. I'm guessing I'll trigger on Monday or Tuesday.
Update #2
My nurse called and said on top of the 9 follies I have between 12 and 15mm (most of them are 12-13mm) I also have "lots" under 12mm too!! I have a chance at getting more. :)
My E2 is 829.20! My next u/s is on Sunday.
OH and my lining was 10mm


M said...

I am looking forward to date night too! This experience IS exhausting. That is great your follicles are all about the same size. Mine were all over the place this morning. Nine steady growing follicles is great. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if the next couple of days you recruited a few more.--You got up to 13 on 150 before, right?

I think we'll watch a movie too, tonight. I want to see Dan in Real Life. I think that's what it's called.

Amy said...

Yeah I did but the cycle I had 13 I had that many by just a few days of stims so I doubt I will get that many this time but you never know.

I really think the herbs had something to do with my response this time. I'm also wondering if my antral count is just really low.

M said...

When I was googling antral follicle counts awhile back I saw a journal article that said the average # for 19-24 year olds was 16. And for 25-30 year olds was 13. I bet your afc is at least 13-16 if you had 13 before.

That's amazing how your body responded differently after taking the herbs. My nurse said today that when they are about the same size that reflects good quality. ( I think mine might have been more the same size if my fsh hadn't been dropped. I don't know.) But, if you have at least 9 evenly growing follicles that is great news. I bet you get your 5dt. When do you go back for your next u/s? Or, maybe you don't know yet.

Jennifer said...

Amy - I found your blog and thought I'd wish you luck with your turns out you and I are cycle buddies (and didn't even know it)...we're are on the exact same stim day in our cycles.

This is IVF #2 for me and today is stim day 8 (took my shots already)...and tomorrow, Sunday, is stim check #3.

Good luck with your stim check...I hope it goes great!